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alligators and sewer systems

no absolutaly not it far to small and it would not be able to find enough food

No.The chemicals in the water would kill it.

yes. that is the reason they are invasive species.

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Q: Can alligators live in sewer systems?
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Do alligators live in the sewers under New York City?

No, there are no alligators in the New York City sewer system. There are rats, but no alligators.

Where do merican Alligators live?

Swamps and river systems from Texas to North Carolina.

Do alligators live on land?

alligators live on land and in the water

When was Live Alligators created?

Live Alligators was created in 1990.

Does alligators live in jungles?

If the jungle had a swamp an alligators would live in it. That's because alligators mostly live in swamps.

What is the opposite of Aqueducts?

sewer systems

What shelter do alligators live in?

An aquatic habitat is the shelter where alligators live in

How many years can alligators live?

alligators can live up to ? years.

Do alligators live in a group?

Yes alligators do live in groups (some of them,)

Do alligators live in Nigeria?

No - only crocodiles live in Nigeria, not alligators.

Do crocodiles and alligators live in Alaska?

Does alligators and crocodile live in Alaska

Can termites live in sewer lines?

Yes, termites can live in sewer lines.

Do alligators live in Utah?

No, absolutely no alligators or crocodiles live in the wild in Utah.

What are the two main types of sewer systems?

The two main types of sewer systems are the sanitary sewer system and the stormwater sewer system. They are different because sanitary sewer system has water from sinks, baths, washing machines, and toilets and the stormwater sewer system has water from the rain or melted snow that run off streets and the surface of the land.

What are the reasons that the alligators live in the wetlands?

Alligators live in wetlands because they are aquatic creatures.

Where do both tigers and alligators live?

both alligators and tigers live in the rain forest.

What are the differences between alligators and sharks?

Some differences between alligators and sharks are:Sharks are fish and alligators are repriles.Alligators have legs and sharks do not.Sharks live in oceans and alligators live on land/water.Sharks have gills and alligators have lungs.

Do alligators live in Russia?

I probably think that alligators might live in Russia, but I don't know but I'm guessing there might be alligators in Russia.

Alligators in the ocean or on coast?

Alligators can live in the ocean or on coast.

What climate do alligators live in?

Alligators live in sub-tropical climates (such as Florida and southern Louisiana).

Do sharks eat alligators?

No. Alligators live in fresh water, sharks live in salt water.

What other animals live in the alligators habitat?

Many animals live with alligators like pandas

How many alligators live in the Okefenokee Swamp?

Over 10 alligators live at ofenokee swamp.

How old can alligators live up to?

I think alligators can live up to 106 years old

Did the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles live in a sewer or in a cave?

In a sewer.