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Can an 18-year-old move out if they have a disability?

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It is a common misconception that if is a physical disabilty and need you someone to help you then its best to stay home, or have a friend help you out. However, anyone who is a legal adult can move out and live independently with the proper resources. Google Independent Living or contact a disability resource centre in your area. There are a lot of options, including government assistance, personal care attendants, bursaries for school and lots more.

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Can a 14 year old be with a 18yearold?

Legally hanging out yes but to have intercouse no.

What does freeze mean in disability terms?

To not be able to move, like "frozen to death" meaning your so cold, you cant move and will die.

If I move to Canada with my wife do I still receive Social Security disability benefit?

no its on for u.s. citizens!

Can you still receive social security disability if you move overseas?

In most cases, people will not be able to receive social security disability if they move overseas. However, each case is different and there is no way to know until the Social Security Administration makes a decision.

Can you transfer disability claims to another state?

Under most circumstances, you are able to transfer Disability claims to different states once you are already on Disability claim. Especially if the purpose of the move is to facilitate the situation, either in terms of finances or care being provided.

Types of disabilities?

A disability is an impairment that places limits on one's ability to do certain things in life. Types of disability include physical disability, brain disability, vision disability, hearing disability and learning disability.

Where is the best place to live if you have a disability?

You can live anywhere in the US and do well if you have a disability. Depending on the disability, you can get disability insurance. Disability insurance is figured by your work history and if you get approved.

Is it hard to get disability insurance if your disability isn't serious?

This depends on what you mean by not "serious". A disability is a disability. Check the disability laws for the state you reside in to find out what the requirements are in order for one to collect disability insurance. If your disability prevents you from working or performing normally, then it is still serious.

Is colorblindness a disability?

While it is a disability, it is not normally classified as such for purposes of Disability Laws.

Disability Attorney?

form_title=Hire a Disability Attorney form_header=A disability attorney can help you with a variety of needs and problems regarding disability payments. What is the nature of the disability?=_ Why do you need the services of an attorney?=_ Have you applied for disability yet?= () Yes () No

Is aphasia a disability?

yes it is a disability

What is the abbreviation for 'Disability'?


Do you have to file state disability first to get short term disability?

yes you do have to file state disability in order to get short term disability.

Is pollicization a disability?

NO, it is a surgery to move the index finger down into the thumb possition, for people who are born without/non-functional thumbs

Can you marry a women overseas if you are on social security disability?

I see no reason why not but if you move out of the country, you may lose your benefits. Contact SSA.

What is an occupational disability?

An occupational disability is a disability that is believed to be caused by your employment or job duties. This means that the disability is being considered work-related.

What is the difference between developmental and acquired disability?

A person is born with a developmental disability. An acquired disability is a disability that is developed, for whatever reason, after birth.

What disability does singer Cher have?

She has a learning disability.

Is legal disability similar to disability?


Did the wright brothers have a disability?

No, they did not have any disability.

How does having a disability affect you?

That depends on what the disability is.

What is a stress-leave disability?

A stress-leave disability is a disability caused by stress and or anxiety.

Did Harriet Tubman help others with this same disability?

"this same disability" I have no idea what disability you are talking about

What is disability discrimination?

Disability discrimination is when someone discriminates against someone else because of a disability they have.

How do you file disability?

Go to the SSA gov website and choose DISABILITY at the top in the middle of the page Social Security Disability Insurance Program Apply for disability benefits Apply Online for Disability Benefits

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