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Can an US citizen marry an illegal person and adopt her illegal child in Massachusetts?

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Can an illegal US citizen adopt?

If you're illegal you're not a citizen -- not hard really

Can a US citizen adopt an illegal?

Dude No

Is it legal to adopt a us citizen if you are an illegal immigrant?


Can a us citizen adopt an illegal immigrant adult in IL?


Can a US citizen adopt an illegal 18 year old?


Can a US citizen adopt an illegal immigrant adult in New Mexico?

No. An adult cannot adopt another adult.

Can a non-US citizen with legal work visa adopt in the US?

No, a non legal citizen with a legal work permit can not adopt in the US. The person may adopt once they become a legal citizen.

Can an underage illegal immigrant become legal by being adopted by a US citizen?

if you can actually adopt him yea

Can a US citizen adopt an illegal immigrant adult in new jerseye?

The citizen CAN adopt the illegal, but that adoption CANNOT be used to make the adoptee LEGAL. Only when the adoption is completed BEFORE the adoptee turns 16 years old will the adoptee be able to receive any immigration benefit.

I married the mother of child whose father is illegal alien. mother is u s citizen. can I adopt?


Why is cloning illegal in US?

Because it could not adopt the same features as the other person. It isn't good for health. And it can harm the person and society. :)

Can your alien boyfriend adopt your US citizen child if he lives in the US and has a Visa?

Your boyfriend can not adopt your child while he also remains yours. It does not matter if he is a US citizen, legal alien or illegal alien. For him to do that he would need to marry you. The license would cost $35.00 and you would each need a picture ID.

Is it possible to adopt an illegal alien?

NO because aliens are fake and they are illegal.

Can an adult US citizen adopt a citizen of Canada?

Ya know, I'm not sure.

Can you adopt an illegal alien?

Yes, you can adopt an illegal alien. The parents of the child have to give up all parental rights over the child.

Can illegal adopt in the us?

No. You have to provide proof of citizenship, since an illegal cannot effectively produce this. They would not be able to adopt and would get deported. =] I wish more illegals would try to adopt! =]

Can a US citizen adopt a permanent resident?

Yes you can Yes you can

Where can you adopt a puppy for a small fee in Massachusetts?

Great Barington

Are same-sex married couples permitted to adopt children in Massachusetts?

Yes. Same-sex couples may jointly adopt children in Massachusetts. Also, a same-sex spouse may adopt the other spouse's child. Single gay persons may also adopt children.

Can a us citizen adopt a 19 year old nephew from Honduras who is an illegal alien living in the united states?

You can go ahead and adopt- immigration status is not something that would prevent the adoption. If you want to adopt merely to give the nephew legal status- then no, the adoption would do NOTHING. (the cutoff age for giving immigration status is 16).

Why can you not adopt a new constitution in Texas?

You cant adopt it because when try to adopt something from Texas its illegal unless you wanna pay 2,000,000,000 dollars

Can i adopt a 21 year old international student in pa?

If you plan to do this to make him a US citizen though it will not work. Someone who is 18+ will not automatically become US citizen when adopted. Only children do.

Can immigrants adopt a us citizen child?

Yes, an immigrant can adopt a US child. However, it is uncommon. Most of the time, US natives adopt an immigrant child.

Can an US citizen adopt an adult older than him?

i have a huge dick

Can a citizen child adopt his illegal parents?

No. The adoption process is only applied for someone 18 or older to adopt a minor (and rarely an adult, who must be a US legal resident/citizen).What you may be thinking about is "family re-unification", a part of the 1965 immigration law that allows a citizen's family to apply for visas to be reunified in the US. However, the citizen must be 18 or older in order to start a family re-unification process. That is, the citizen child has no legal avenue to remove his or her parents' illegal status.This is a common misunderstood concept that leads children of illegal parents to be misnamed "anchor babies", even though they have little actual ability to help their parents gain legal status. If the illegal parents are caught and deported, the only choices for the children are to join their parents in their country or origin, or stay in the US under foster care services without their parents. See the Elvira Arellano case where the illegal parent was deported and force to take her son, a US citizen, with her or leave him to foster care.