Can an apartment be 1500

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yes, if apartment for rent 1500per/mon

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Q: Can an apartment be 1500
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What is the average price of a apartment in Los Angeles CA?

1200 to 1500

What is the average cost of a Hollywood apartment?

The average rent/cost of an apartment in Hollywood, California is about 1000 dollars for a studio apartment, over 1500 for a 1 bedroom, almost 2000 for a 2 bedroom, and almost 3000 for a 3 bedroom apartment.

Can you plug a 1500 watt heater in to a regular apartment outlet?

A 1500 Watt heater will pull about 12.5 Amps. Tour circuits in apartment will be 15 A and 20 A. Provided you don't have too much of a load on the same circuit, it should work.

What is the average security deposit on an apartment?

When you rent an apartment the first and last month's rent is required plus security deposit of several hundred dollars. It can cost as much as 1500-2500 dollars to rent an apartment.

What is the Average apartment bill?

I really depends where you are... it may range from 100 to 1500... But its all up to where you live.

What is the average monthly rent for rental apartments in Manhattan, NY?

The average price for a studio apartment in Manhattan is about $1500. Depending on the area it can be as much as $10,000 for a single studio apartment.

I am looking for a 3-4 bedroom apartment that will accept section 8. The rent can not exceed $1600.00.?

I found a 3 bedroom apartment with rent $1500, accepting section 8. This link takes you directly to the apartment I mentioned....

If your 1500 square foot apartment has a total of 100A is that sufficient to allow for new double electric wall ovens?

It does seem a little small.

How much would a cheap apartment cost in New York?

In New York Studio type apartment costs you less price. Apartments costs vary depends on the area also. For Ex if you palnning to rent an apartment in the downtown area, a studio type costs you nearly $1500 to $2200. The following website gives you detailed information on this -

Monthly cost of living in San Diego ca?

If you have a mortgage at today's prices you would need about $6000 a month. If you rented an apartment it would be about $1500 a month for a decent safe one.

How much is security deposit for an apartment?

Depending on the lease or the apartment Depending on the lease or the apartment Depending on the lease or the apartment

What are the requirements for an apartment to be considered a studio apartment?

A studio apartment is small and combines living room, bedroom and kitchenette. It can be called a bachelor apartment or a studio apartment.

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