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Can an employee bring his or her children to work with them on a regular basis?

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This question is anwered on a case-by-case basis by the individual company policy. There is no legal protection for an employed parent to bring their children to work over the wishes of the employer. Employers can not discriminate against an employee because of their parental status (i.e withholding advancement, not hiring) but are not obligated to host children in a workplace. An employer may discipline or terminate a worker with time and attendance or productivity issues even if those issues are due to child care responsibilities. That said, employers may see providing a child care benefit to employees as an incentive to retaining quality employees. Child care benefits can include actually providing daycare services, offering a subsidy for daycare, offering a pre-tax childcare account, or possibly other methods including flex scheduling. Depending on the size of the employer, it is often ultimately cost-saving to provide some form of child care benefit.

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