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You as an employee have the right to move to any company you wish.

If a company has a union, you become a member of the union when you start working.

You can also join a union where you work right now if you want to be a union member.

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Q: Can an employee of a non-union company move to a union company and if so how?
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Why have so many industries recently moved to South Carolina?

South Carolina is a right to work state. This is an incentive for industries to move there. A right to work state means that an employee of a company does not have to join a union associated with that company. With that said, many unions will not try to organize an union in an unfriendly company.

What is employee migration?

Employee migration occurs when job holders move from job to job in the company. Sometimes the moves are lateral and sometimes they are vertical.

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If you are a state employee in one county and take a new job for the state in another county are you employed by the same company?

You aren't employed by a company, you are employed by the state. All of your benefits should continue as before, hopefully the move came with a promotion or pay raise.

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What does salary open mean?

Salary open means that the person or company is willing to negotiate the salary, usually dependent upon experience. An employee may be willing to settle for a lesser salary to gain the experience needed to move up in a company, while a company may be willing to pay a higher salary for more experienced employees.

If you move for a job, your company is expected to pay for relocation expenses.?

If you move for a job, your company is expected to pay for relocation expenses.

How can a Walmart employee transfer to the distribution center?

They should contact their supervisor - and request the transfer. The supervisor should then initiate the transfer to allow the employee to move to the distribution centre.

Is the employer responsible for transportation of the employee?

In many countries the employee is expected to get move between home and work at his own expense. In some places, employers provide transportation. For most jobs, if the work requires the employee to move from place to place during the work day, the employer is responsible for providing transportation. However, for some jobs it is traditionally the employee's responsibility to arrange all transportation needs.

Where can I find relocation packages?

Relocation packages are what companies offer to employees. It's an offer to move to a different location for a company, and the employee is usually offered increased pay or benefits. I would not worry about that until you start expanding your business.

How do you answer 'Why do you want to be a supervisor' in a job interview?

as follows...."In my efforts to be a valuable employee and improve my quality of life; I want move to the next level of management. From there I can grow professionally and contribute even more to the profitability of our company"..........argh I hate BS...........

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If a person is hurt on the job can the company move you to a different position?

Certainly they can move you to another position if they want, whether you were hurt of not. There may be limits to this based on provisions of a union contract or your willingness or ability to do the work. Sometimes a company will move you to a different position to save your job for you, or to give you time to properly heal from your injury while still working. It is considered to e better for you in terms of more rapid healing, if you work, rather than stay at home on compensation.

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