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Yes, because your job may require you to have a car for one reason or another. If you are a woman, some companies are very safety conscious and their place of business may require you to go through a rough part of town. This question in an interview is not meant to be personal and there is no reason you can't answer. Marcy I would say that the employer can not ask "how would you get to work" but can ask- "would you be able to be reliable and dependable and be here when scheduled?" Should be worded that way rather than how will you get here This has actually been addressed in many lawsuits, because car ownership is less common among some minorities. In general, an employer can ask IF you have reliable transportation to work. They CANNOT ask if you have a car, or how you plan to get to work.

== == This is a valid question as some jobs require certain parking or passes for employees. If your work as designated car parking slots that requires passes they may ask you if you will be driving a car to work.

Also, if you are applying to be a Pizza delivery driver and you walk to work, you won't be hired. Most pizza joints require cars for employment as a driver. Walking just doesn't cut it anymore, something about cold pizza and complaints of late pizza. So yes your employer can ask your method of getting to work and they can also ask if you own a car.

== == If this a strict condition of employment that you are required to own a mode of transportation (as mentioned by a prior author, being a pizza delivery person or the like), then yes it would be characterized as a bona fide occupational qualification (BFOQ). Otherwise, the most the employer may ask is if you have a problem arriving at work on time when called upon to perform your duties.

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Q: Can an employer ask how you would get to your job?
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