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it depends what was in your origanal contract if there where a certain amount of days that you where allowed and you exceeded them than yes but if not than he has to provide you with a reason why he fired you

AnswerYes. If I have a stroke tomorrow and can never work again, at some point my employer is going to let me go, unless I quit. If you have a serious illness you can document, you are entitled to 12 weeks of Family Medical Leave (in a 12-month period.) When you return, the employer has to provide you with a job, but not necessairly the same job. It can be in a different location, at a different pay rate, with different duties. The only exception would be if you were temporarily disabled due to a work-related injury. AnswerYou probably mean "... not returning while the DOCTOR says I'm unable to work". Your employer cannot require you to work contrary to medical advice.

Your employer CAN fire you if you are unable to perform even one of the key duties of your job ... unless you have FMLA protection as detailed above. Then you can be fired the day your FMLA runs out. Remember, the employer OWNS the position, no matter how long you've worked in it. The employer can take the position back and give it to someone else at whim, unless limited by a statute or union contract.

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Q: Can an employer fire you for not returning to work while on a disabilty?
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How long after returning back to work does an employer have to wait until he can fire you?

He doesn't have to wait. He can fire you anytime. Returning from what? Above is true, except for returns from military leave. USERRA requires that employer not dismiss you for 12 months after return from mil leave.

Can my employer fire me while I am on vacation?

An employer should not be able to fire a person on vacation if they gave notice and their vacation was approved. However, if the vacation was not approved, the employer may be able to fire the person.

Can you sue your employer for not giving you your job back after returning from disabilty leave?

That depends on what "disability leave" you took. If the employer granted you FMLA leave, then you must be restored to your old job (or a job EXACTLY like it) even if the employer must fire some one to create the vacancy. If you were just off sick or injured, you have no right to your job back, unless found in a union contract. Employers own the jobs and hand them out as they wish - the job is not "yours", but theirs.

Can an employer fire or threaten to fire for doing your job?

If you were doing your job there would be no reason for your employer to threaten to fire you.

Can an employer fire you for a felony they knew you had when hired?

can an employer fire you for a felony they knew you had when they hired you?

How do you prove your employer hires only women so that he can fire them?

Have the employer write a letter stating that they only hire women so that they can fire them. Then have the employer get it notarized.

Can an employer fire employee for filing bankruptcy?

Absolutely not it has nothing to do with the employer

Can your employer fire you when you get a subpoena?


Can an employer fire you even with doctors excuses?

Can an employer fire you even with doctors excuses?

Can an employer tell the unemployment office why you were fire if you were fire for a code of conduct violation and can the employer give them details of the offense in the state of Georgia?

Yes, in fact, the employer is specifically asked for such information.

Can an employer fire you after returning from short term disability?

The Family Medical Leave Act provides 12 weeks of job protected leave, and applies to employers with 50 or more employees. If you are out of work longer than 12 weeks, and/or your employer has less than 50 employees - you can be fired.

Is it legal for an employer to fire a person if they refuse to cut their hair?

Yes, when the employee accepts the job offer, he/she is agreeing to abide by the rules set by the employer. If these rules are not followed, the employer may fire him/her.

What if your employer requires you to return to work and you are on workmans comp and your doctor has not released you to work and fmla is over can the employer and fire you?

yes they can and will probably fire you.

Does an employer need a reason to fire you?

They need a good reason to fire you.

Can your employer fire you if they suspect problem to substance abuse?

Absent a contract between you and your employer or local law/company policy stating otherwise, an employer may fire you for any or no reason with or without notice.

What are the release dates for N-Y- Fire Department Returning - 1903?

N-Y- Fire Department Returning - 1903 was released on: USA: May 1903

Can an employer withhold your retirement if they fire you?

if you get fired can an employer withhold your retirement after working for them for 30 years

Can your employer fire you if your sick in Texas?


Can an employer rehire you after they fire you?

Yes, of course.

Can an employer fire a pregnant woman?

He cannot fire her for being pregnant; but he can fire her for other reasons if he can prove them.

Can your employer retaliate or fire you because you refuse to drop a civil suit againt a client?

An employer cannot retaliate or fire you because you refuse to drop a civil suit. However, they can fire you for other reasons.

How long must an employer hold your position while on workers comp?

In Canada the Employer can give your position to someone else for the time you are away, but must give you that position back when you return. However, if you are on and off Worker's Compensation then your Employer has a right to give you another position which you can handle with the condition you have. An Employer cannot fire an Employee that is on Workers Compensation.

Is it legal for an employer to insist for an employee's resignation?

No but if the employer wants a resignation, surely they should just fire them?

Can employer fire you for a misdemeanor?

the cow goes moo

Can an employer fire an employee after their resignation letter?


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