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== == Not to be generic, but federal, state and even local law may affect this (not legal advise, blah, blah, blah) USUALLY an employer needs to let the employee know that they may record their phone conversations (i.e. verbally, a policy manual, etc.), but again, check the individual law where you live. I concur with the previous answer. You should also know that anyone has a right to record his or her own conversations. Any conversations you have with your employer may be legally recorded. Check company policy and confirm if you have entered into any agreements with your employer to allow such practice. Information may also vary state-to-state.

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Q: Can an employer legally record phone conversations?
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Can an employer legally record phone conversations in California?

Yes, providing that they comply with the laws governing such activity.

Is it legal to record phone conversations?

Yes, as long as the conversation is between you and another person, it is legal to record phone conversations. It becomes illegal when you plant a device on someone else's phone to record their private conversations.

How can I record a conversation on my cellphone?

You are able to record conversations on your cell phone easily and discreetly. You can visit for tips and software on capturing cell phone conversations.

Is it illegal to record phone conversations in Texas?

Not as long as you are a party to that conversation.

What companies provide services to record cell phone conversations?

to find the answer to your question: What companies provide services to record cell phone conversations? please see the following website to learn more:

Can an employer legally record phone conversations in Florida?

hmm.. i should think not, that's just mean.Another View: As long as their employees are made aware of the practice AND the the callers who contact the company are warned that their conversation is subject to "monitoring for quality control purposes" (Don't you just LOVE that phrase?) it IS legal.

Can Colorado police record cell phone conversations?

Yes if they really wanted to but I dout that they will.

Can an employer in Ohio record a phone conversation and use it to discipline an employee?

No. Wiretapping, eavesdropping on phone conversations is illegal. Recording a conversation you are not part of cannot be used for any purpose whatsoever. If you record your own phone conversations the other person must be informed prior to the conversation and sometimes an audible beep every few seconds is required. Listening to radio communications such as a police scanner is allowed as long as what the listener has heard is never divulged to another person. The only legal means of recording without others knowledge is by court order.

Is it legal to record cell phone conversations?

It is illegal to record any conversation, be it land-line, cell phone or in person without the person's consent. Recording without their permission is a punishable crime.

Does an employer have to tell you they are tapping your cell phone?

It would be illegal for an employer or anyone else to tap your cell phone since lawfully there is no law on tapping cell phones. However the technology is readily available for them to tap your cell phone, but they can't legally use it against you.

Can you record a conversation with a cop without them knowing and use it in your defense?

First, you cannot record conversations over the phone, most states deem it a felony. However, if they are out in public or just 'outside" yes, you can as anyone could hear the conversation, therefore there is no expectation of privacy.Another View: Use caution in following the advice of the first answer. Many states apply the same criteria to face-to-face recorded conversations as they do to phone conversations. It will depend on your state laws and, in the case of interstate phone conversations, what the state law of the out-of-state party may be.

Can you record phone conversations in the state of Virginia?

The law concerning recording phone conversations in the state of VA is that as long as one party has the knowledge of the taping...for instance, if you and any other person are talking on the phone, you can tape it. You cant tape a conversation of two people who do not know about it...for instance, your child and their parent.

Is it ileagal to record a phone call without letting the other person know in fl?

Yes, its illegal in Florida. You need the everybody's consent to legally record a phone call in Florida.

In the state of Pa is it legal to record phone conversations between a parent and a child when the wellbeing and safety of that child are at risk?

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How can you get a record of your husband's current phone calls?

Legally? You can't. However, I will not tell you how this can be done illegally... sorry!

What are the main uses for phone recorders?

Phone recorders are used to record conversations that happen over a home. This can be used for a variety of reasons, including legal. Sometimes calls should not be done.

Can an employer secretly record a private phone conversation between an employee and his family members without his knowledge or permission in Delaware?

It depends. If it is using a company-owned phone, then all the employer would have to do is phone up the telecoms provider and ask them for transcripts of calls made. If it is with his mobile, you cannot request information about transcripts legally due to the Data Protection Act. If you believe he is partaking in illegal or questionable activities, contact the Police and they will be able to deal with the matter.

In Maryland or Florida or Massachusetts can you legally record conversations with a collection law firm if you inform all parties beforehand?

You can record a conversation in any US state if you notify all the participating parties before begining the taping. The participants can request that you do not tape, but it is your choice whether to continue and their choice to end the conversation. Several US states have a "one party" statute, that allows taping of phone or face-to-face conversations without the participant(s) being given notice.

Can cell phone conversations be retrieved?

In general, cell phone conversations are not recorded by the carrier. It is possible that, in a legal situation, that a phone may be wiretapped and recorded. However, that rarely occurs.

Are cell phone conversations recorded?


Does an employer have the right to go though my cell phone?

Is this your personal cell phone, or is it owned by your employer? If the former, NO they have no right. If the latter, it is not YOUR phone, it is THEIR phone, and as such they have the right to inspect the phone.

Can my employer legally keep me from having my phone on my person even if the phone is not on?

Absolutely ! You're there to work - if someone NEEDS to contact you in an emergency - they can call the company's number. Besides which if the 'phone is not on' - there's no point in you having it on your person, since anyone needing to phone you wouldn't get through !

Can an employer search a employee's cell phone?

no by law an employer can not search your cell phone unless he or she has a search warrant

Can employers record employees phone calls in Iowa?

I believe that this question applies to the same as when people ask if they can record a phone conversation. The answer is no, not if they are not part of the call themselves. Even if the person owns the phone or pays the phone bill, they still cannot record a conversation they are not a part of. However, there are some States that allow phone recordings if they believe something illegal is being perpetrated especially if that illegal action being perpetrated is against your employer such as selling company secrets to a competitor. Also note that a company that has a suspicion that you are doing something illegal or are just using their phones for personal calls when you should be on the phone with a client can obtain a warrant from the Courts if they have sufficient evidence of this such as a call list (a list of phone numbers incoming and outgoing) which is indeed legal to do. If a warrant is issued, then they can legally record all incoming and outgoing phone calls from your extension or another you might be using.

What are the advantages of haveing a pc phone recorder?

You can record important messages and just in case you forget something in that message you can go back and hear it again at a later date. You are able to record conversations that take place on a VOIP phone directly to the PC. These are recorded in MP3 or WAV file formatl.