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Can an employer make me pay a fine that the business was issued?

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Can an employer make you put a photo on a business card?


Can a employer use your vacation pay when you have personal business?

The employer can never use your pay. YOU can be compelled to use your paid time ( a gift from the employer) for days you do not work. The employer can make any rule it wishes about that.

Does an employer make employee pay their business tax?

Employees do the work that generates the profits which allow their employer to pay taxes. But you will not find a deduction on the employees pay stub which reads, this amount deducted from your pay to cover your employer's business tax.

How do you make a sentence with employer?

The employer walked.

Is a business visa card good for travel?

A business visa card is great for travel, as long as your employer is fine with you using it for travel services. If you make long trips, try to get a card that gets good travel bonuses for things such as flights and hotel rooms. Visa cards are accepted nearly everywhere so this is a great options.

Can you make a sentence with employer?

The employer was terrible at cooking

Make a sentence using 'employer'?

The employer did not give anyone the day off. He went to his employer and asked for a raise.

How does a business credit card differ from other credit cards?

A business credit card is one that is issued to a company or business. There is not a lot of difference between a business credit card and one issued to an individual. The company can benefit from interest free periods for purchases in the same way and use the card for business purchases. Additional cards can also be issued to employees of the company for them to make purchases for their department or section which can be monitored easily without a mountain of paperwork. They are a good way for a business to build up an excellent credit profile and can ease cash flow problems.

Can you use a Military id to board an airplane?

As long as it is government issued, it should be fine. You might wanna call the airline to make sure though.

What should I know before purchasing health insurance for a small business?

If you get discounts for more employees added and if you as employer need to make copays.

Can employer make you work if you have a doctors note?

An employer cannot make you exceed limitations as stated by your doctor.

Can your employer make you work for lower wage?

can a employer make you work for lower wage to get out of paying unenployment An employer can lower your wage, and you can accept that or leave. Lowering your wage does not exempt the employer from UI claims.

What do you do if an employer does not pay you after closing down the business?

What you can do is you may be able to take it to court and make a case out of it. You may be able to sue for your money that's owed.

Can employer make you pay them for cleaning uniform?

Sure that would be the employer decision.

Could i get sample letter of address proof from employer?

Yes, to get a sample letter of address proof from your employer, you have to make a request. To make a request simply write to your employer with your request.

How can being multilingual make you money?

Answer The more languages you speak the more chances of landing the job of a century where the employer does business over-seas and now that he has you and the many languges that you speak, the better his business will be. That's one example.

What does the balance of barganing power between the employer and employee means?

For the employee, lets say that they are really good at what they do and bring in lots of money for a business, he can command a higher salary. For the employer, if the business is exclusive and tough to get a job at, they will see better qualified people apply for the positions and be willing to take less pay, for a while, just to get a foot in the door. Every business has its highs and lows and what alot of business owners forget is its the little people that make them big.

In Colorado can an employer make overtime mandatory?

Yes, this can be done by any employer if he chooses to.

Can employer make you get flu shot?


Can an employer make the employee pay for workmans comp?

can a employer make the employee pay weekly for workmans comp or disability insurance

Can an employer who owns an assisted living business make one of their employees work 4 8hr shifts in a row?

Only if you are under contract or have a written or mutual agreement.

Can an employer make you use vacation time for a business trip?

I think it is possible. Employees directed by superiors to travel are in work status, not a vacation during which they are free NOT to work. As long as employer requires work, and exercises control over employee, it is paid work.

What happens if out on o r but cant make it to court?

Warrant for your arrest will be issued.Warrant for your arrest will be issued.Warrant for your arrest will be issued.Warrant for your arrest will be issued.

What Expectations do you have from your next employer?

When you are asked what expectations you have from your next employer be sure to be realistic in your answer. Be honest about what you want, but make sure it is in the realm of what your employer can and will realistically do.

Does your license get suspended for failure to pay seat belt ticket?

Yes, any failure to pay a government issued fine normally ends up in a suspended license. Though IDK how you are supposed to make the money to pay the fine when you can't drive to work?!