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The boyfriend would have to file a lawsuit and be awarded a judgment before he could take seize or attach property belonging to the accused person/defendant. Judgments can be used to place liens against real property (houses, vehicles, land, businesses, etc.) owned by the losing defendant. Judgments can also be used to garnish wages or levy bank accounts or seize any non exempt property belonging to the defendant.

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Q: Can an ex-boyfriend place a lien against your property for throwing away his belongings?
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What am I as a holder of someones personal property to do if the sheriff's department refuses to escort a person I have a peace order against onto our property to retrieve belongings?

Unless specifically ordered to return the person's property by the courts or the sheriffs department, you are not legally obligated to accommodate the person who may own the belongings. On the other hand, if you really want to return the property, call him and drop it off somewhere for him to pick up.

Is throwing a small rock at a car vandalism?

throwing any type of missile of any size at a vehicle is an offense against someone else's property. If the vehicle is moving the charges can amount to much more than vandalism.

Can a SECOND mortgage line of credit take your personal belongings?

Mortgages are secured by the real property, not personal property. If the loan is not paid, a second mortgage line of credit may foreclose on the home but your personal belongings are NOT the collateral for the loan. The old popular image of creditors emptying your home of your belongings is largely a myth. You can only be forced to forfeit items used as collateral for a loan. You may be sued by your lender in some cases and face a judgment, and liens can be placed on bank accounts or against other property.

How do you remove a persons belongings from apartment if they have a no contact order against them?

steal them at night

Is a judgment against the person or property?

The judgment is against the person, not the property.

What part of speech is personal?

The word personal is an adjective. For example: I was insured against my personal belongings.

What parts of speech is personal?

The word personal is an adjective. For example: I was insured against my personal belongings.

What financial instrument can protect against people defaulting on your loans?

Secure the loan against property their property.

How can banks protect against theft?

By throwing honey badgers at customers

Is it against the law for a teacher to look through a student's personal belongings against the student's will?

Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution says that it is illegal.

Can a trust's property be taken if one of the trustees has a judgment against him?

A judgment against the trustee in his individual capacity will not affect the trust property. A judgment against the trustee as the trustee will become a lien on the trust property.

Who can issue a tax levy against property?

The IRS can issue a tax levy against property. A tax levy against a property is to claim back any tax owed to the IRS. The money made from the property will go towards the debt owed.

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