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It depends upon the laws of the state/municipality where the violation occurred.

Law officers in many communities are never considered "off duty" and can issue tickets, make arrests, etc. at any time as long as they are within their jurisdiction and circumstances warrant (suspected DWI stop, reckless driving, etc.).

It is usually required that the officer be driving a police vehicle when making a traffic stop and the officer must always identify themselves as law enforcement if they are not in uniform.

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Q: Can an off duty police officer issue a ticket?
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Can an off duty police officer issue a speeding ticket?


Can an off duty police officer call an on duty officer to give you a ticket?

Yes. In most cases an off-duty officer can also issue a ticket either at that time or at a later time.

Can an off duty officer issue a ticket in Alabama?

No, an off duty officer can not issue a ticket in the state of Alabama. An officer must be on duty before they arrest someone or issue a ticket.

Can a off duty police officer issue you a ticket off duty in Michigan?

almost all locations allow off-duty officers to issue citations if nessescary.

Can an off-duty state police officer issue a speeding ticket in Pennsylvania?

i dont think so

Can you be given a ticket by an off duty police officer and not know it?

Yes, an off duty police officer can write a ticket on or off duty. The ticket can be mailed to you, or you can be served with a subpoena to appear in court to answer to the charge on the ticket.

Can a police officer give you a ticket for reckless driving on a private road on an eyewitness report?

Yes, a police officer can ticket someone who is driving recklessly even if it is on a private road. Reckless driving is a threat to public safety, and it's the duty of the officer to issue a ticket when this occurs no matter where it is.

Can a off duty police officer in Utah give you a ticket?

Depends. He can always call someone on-duty to give you a ticket.

Can a police give a off duty police a ticket?

Is it legal? If the off duty police officer has commited some sort of ticketable offense, yes.

Can an off-duty police officer give you a ticket in California?

I don't know for sure, but if they have take home cars that they are allowed to drive in their off time, I would imagine that means that they are always on duty.AnswerYes, in California it is totally legal for an off-duty officer to issue you a citation. It will usually come in the mail or they will have a marked patrol unit pull you over. If s/he elects to have you pulled over by a marked patrol unit, then after the officer contacts you, the off duty officer will issue the ticket. Also, a police officer in California has "Police Powers" anywhere in the State of California. I know this because I am a police officer in California and have written several citations while "off duty".

Can an off-duty police officer give you a ticket in Ontario Canada while he is in his civilian clothes and his take home car?

Yes, in some cases an off-duty police officer can give you a ticket on Ontario, Canada. However, you can fight the ticket in court.

Can off duty police officers write you a speeding ticket?

In some states, an off duty police officer can write a speeding ticket. It will depend on the laws in your specific state. You can always go to court to fight the ticket.

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