Can any one study history without knowing its geography?

While history could be about people and their lives, learning about their surroundings gives a fuller picture. Studying the Celts of Britain should also include the geography of the hill forts they built.

The above contributor gives us an accurate answer. Another reason for studying history and the geography associated with it involves what is often called geopolitics.

What this means is that history and the politics surrounding it can seen better when geography is also considered. A good example of this is the location of the United States before both world wars. The USA could afford to remain neutral while Europe was deep in war was because the location of the USA left it clear of any borders with either Germany France or England. If, for example, the USA was "in or near " Europe, the likelihood of being involved in the mentioned wars would have been vastly greater. Because the USA was geographically "isolated" it could afford to avoid these wars. As it was, however, other circumstances did bring the USA into those wars.