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Can anyone prove A v C from the premises notB v C and A v B using the Fitch Logic program?

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βˆ™ 2009-10-13 20:19:50

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Prove by cases, First case is A then from A prove A v C using v Intro(A) . Case 2 is B. You will need another set of cases in Case 2, namely those of your other premise ~B (not B) v C. So case 2 (B) Will have two sub proofs. The first of the sub proofs is ~B which you prove by using _|_ Intro citing B and ~B. After this you can use _|_ Elim to prove whatever you like. Since we like or want A v C you should then add one more step and prove from _|_ A v C (using _|_ Elim). The second sub proof within case 2 should be C (this can be figured out again by looking at what you haven't used from your premises, C is the only thing you haven't used). So under C make a new line and prove A v C using v Intro. Prove _|_ for Case 2 by using vElim and then Prove A v C for your final proof by v ELim from your two cases (A B).

2009-10-13 20:19:50
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State the premises and conclusion what argument All students like logic Robin likes logic Robin is a student?

State the premises and conclusion of the following argument: All students like logic Robin likes logic --------------------- Robin is a student

Extrapolating from general premises to specific results is a kind of logic called?

Deductive reasoning

Need of program Logic controllers?

Program logic controllers are used to control the operation of most systems.

Why is advisable to plan the logic of a program?

It is very much advisable to plan the logic of a program because it tells the program how to deliver information to a computer system.

What has the author G W Fitch written?

G. W. Fitch has written: 'Naming and believing' -- subject(s): Belief and doubt, Onomasiology, Proposition (Logic), Reference (Philosophy), Semantics (Philosophy)

What is the relationship between an algoritham and a program?

hello, The algorithm is the step by step process of explaining the program. The program is used for executing the logic. While the algorithm is used for the understanding of the logic

What is inductive science as compared to deductive science?

Switch 'logic for science': What is inductive logic as compared to deductive logic. Anyone.

What is snarled program logic?

Snarled program logic is unstructured logic, also known as "spaghetti" logic. Compiled machine code is the ultimate example of snarled program logic. Although spaghetti code is more compact and efficient than structured code, it is extremely difficult to both comprehend and maintain. Hence we use structured programming languages to provide a high level of abstraction between the logic of the programmer and the snarled logic of the machine-dependant code.

What is the definition of inductive logic?

Inductive logic, or inductive reasoning is any form of argument where the premises mean that the conclusion is probably correct . for example: "that ring cost me only 3 dollars. Rings that are made of gold almost always cost more than 3 dollars. Therefore that ring is not made of gold" That argument was inductive because while it is almost certainly right, it is theoretically possible that the ring is actually made of gold but was just sold for 3 dollars for some reason. Inductive logic is diffrent from deductive logic because in deductive logic if the premises are true and the conclusion logically follows the premises then there is no possible way that the conclusion could be false.

What is the difference between a semantic error and logic error?

An error in the logic of a program means that the output of the program is faulty (eg the program tell you 2+2=5). An error in semantics in a program means that the program statements are not constructed properly and the usual result of this is that the program will not compile.

There are no chocolate stains on your hands so you couldn't have stolen the cookies Deductive or Inductive logic?

Deductive. are the premises stated or unstated

What are deductive arguments based on?

Deductive arguments are based off of logic, because it is impossible for the premises to be true and the conclusion not true.

How can you get logic studio for free?

Apple Logic Studio is a commercial program, so you will have to buy it, or get a job at Apple.

What is snarled program logic called?

spaghetti code

What is rung in plc?

It is a horizontal line of ladder logic.Ladder logic is a language used to program PLC's.It's called Ladder Logic because the programs are formed in the shape of a ladder. Each horizontal line in the program looks like the "rung" of a ladder, which is why they call it Ladder Logic.

Assuming there are premises based on correct observations and sound logic which is more certain of resulting in a conclusion that's correct?

Deductive reasoning

Assuming there are premises based on correct observations and sound logic which is more certain of resulting in a conclusion thats correct?

Deductive reasoning

What is the Difference between program and flowchart?

Flowchart it is diagrammatic Program it is coding. A flowchart is drawn out on paper, and shows the logic of an if/then/else statement. The programming actually is the if/then/else, not just the logic.

What constitutes an error in logic?

Technically speaking, an "error in logic" (a fallacy) is a case where the premises do not properly support the argument made. Fallacies are not to be confused with factual errors, wherein the error is caused by a lack of proper information.

Does anyone have a link for the UK rapper 'logic' mix CD 'the first stage of a gaberlunzie'?


What tools can you use to design program logic?

paper plaintext

What are examples of particular terms in logic?

Some terms in logic are:axiom - something that is self-evident.deductive reasoning - the truth of the premises assures the truth of the conclusion, and the falsity of it is impossible.inductive reasoning - the premises support the conclusion, but do not necessitate it.fallacy - an argument that is based on an invialid or false inference.symbolic logic - representing expressions through the use of symbols and variable, rather than in ordinary language.contingency - a statement that might be true or false

Is logic an adjective?

No, it is a noun, but may be used as a noun adjunct with other nouns (e.g. logic program). The usual adjective is logical.

What is sound and unsound?

It describes two kinds of argument in logic. A sound argument is valid (logically coherent) and its premises are true. And unsound argument is not sound.

What is the difference between Logic Studio and Logic Express?

What I do know is that companies like Adobe have released a full version of a program and a light or reduced feature version of the program. The full version has many features that will have a feature list of thousands of things the program will do but will cost thousands of dollars to buy. The smaller version will only do the basic things but at a reduced price. What you seem to have found is the full version Logic Studio and a light version Logic Express fro a company called Logic