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Can anyone tell me what type of income and benefits are offered in the business?

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== == If you hire on with a good company in/near a major city, you can make 45-60K a year. benefits? LOTS of driving,health ins.

2009-01-09 19:18:52
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What services are offered by IBM Business Insights?

There are several services that are offered by IBM Business Insights. Some services that IBM Business Insights offers are, information as to which businesses to put your income into, as well as how to get the biggest returns on your investments.

Does compensation includes benefits?

In Georgia, Workers' Compensation benefits on an accepted claim cover INCOME and MEDICAL benefits. Those are covered by the WC insurance company. The availablity of other employer offered benefits depends on the employer.

Are unemployment benefits earned income?

Unemployment benefits is considered unearned income. You get the benefits based on earned income. Since you are not working, it is not earned income.

How Should I Form My Business?

Most small businesses are formed as sole proprietorships. The benefits of sole proprietorship are its simplicity and the reality that business income is treated the same as personal income for tax functions. A big disadvantage is that you, the business owner, assume personal liability for the functions of the business.

Are retirement benefits earned or unearned income?

retirement benefits are considered earned income.

What products are offered by Columbus insurance?

"The Columbus Insurance agency offers family fraternal benefits, long term plans, and disability income. Permanent plans, long term care and annuities are also offered."

What is business income?

Business income is the amount of money received through your business.

Can ss benefits be reduced due to income in retirement?

Why are my SS benefits reduced because on my income

Is health insurance benefits earned income?

No health insurance benefits would not be a part of your earned income.

Can you use non-means-tested public benefits to sponsor a relative for a visa on form I-864?

No. Receipt of means-tested public benefits does not disqualify anyone from being a sponsor. However, means-tested public benefits cannot be accepted as income for the purposes of meeting the income requirement.

Is income from share speculative business income?

yes it is speculative business

Can a person still get benefits such as food stamps if they quit their job?

welfare benefits are based on income, not how you lost your income.

How does a government redistribute income?

A government redistributes income by taking from one group of people and giving to another group. The most obvious is collecting taxes on business payrolls and giving benefits to the unemployed.

When are prepaid expenses are reported on the income statement as expenses?

When actual benefits are taken by business at that time prepaid expenses are converted to expenses and at that time prepaid expenses are shown as expenses in income statement.

What are some of the benefits of a home business internet marketing opportunity?

The benefits of a home business internet marketing opportunity is that it can provide income, either on it's own or in addition to another job. It also allows one to work from their own home at their own hours.

Why are contracts so important to business?

Contracts are important to a business to give stability, and some assurance of future income. This allows the business to continue development and improvement of the product and/or services that they offer, which in-turn benefits it's customers.

What percentage of barter income is taxable?

All of your barter income is taxable in the US according to the IRS. When you set up a one-on-one barter with another business, each business is expected to report the value of that exchange as income - on your regular Schedule C. If you join a formal barter exchange, they will (and must) report your barter income to the IRS with a 1099-B. This is a benefit to businesses because, any barter income you spend for business expenses will be deducted the same as cash. A business can also DONATE barter income to a 501(c)(3) to receive the same tax benefits as if you donated cash!

What are the benefits of being a stock holder in a corporation?

When you're a What_are_the_advantages_of_being_a_stockholder, you own one or more shares of a business. When you own shares, you own part (or sometimes all) of that business. Ownership has many benefits, including profit, income, prestige, control, and/or status.

What is the minimum income requirement to be eligible for a stimulus check?

Anyone making less than $3,000.00 in 2007 is not eligible for a stimulus check. Also, the economic stimulus law allows Social Security recipients and recipients of certain veterans' benefits and Railroad Retirement benefits to count those benefits towards the qualifying income requirement of $3,000. Supplemental Security Income (SSI) does not count as qualifying income for the stimulus payment.

Are social security benefits considered income?

Yes social security benefits are considered to be income and when you have other sources of worldwide income it is possible for some your social security benefits to become taxable income at your marginal tax rate on your 1040 income tax return as long as you are still living. Yes you do know that SSB are considered to be income and when you have other sources of worldwide income it is possible for some your social security benefits to become taxable income at your marginal tax rate on your 1040 income tax return as long as you are still living.

Revenue income examples?

Income comes from selling a product. Income can also come from a business leasing a facility or land to another business.

Can you file a tax return if your only income was states assistance?

Everyone is allowed to file a tax return. Public assistance benefits are generally not taxable, but if you had any other income you would follow the same rules as anyone else.

If the only income is from Social Security do you have to file taxes?

Generally, if social security benefits were your only income, your SSB benefits are not taxable and you probably do not need to file a federal income tax return.

Explain how the income statement of a service business different from a income statement of a merchandising business?

what are the major differences in preparing the financial statements for a service business and a merchandising business?

Are Social Security benefits taxable income?