Can carbon dioxide come from wood burning furnaces?

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Yes, however, wood can be carbon neutral.
The process of burning wood also does not emit any additional carbon dioxide than the natural biodegradation of the wood if it were left to rot on the forest floor. Over the course of a tree's life it absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and then releases this carbon dioxide when it either decomposes naturally or is burned. For this reason, no extra CO2 is added to the atmosphere, it simply releases the carbon dioxide that was previously accumulated back into the environment. Wood is a very environmentally friendly source of fuel because it is carbon neutral. Fossil fuels on the other hand, are not carbon neutral.
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Where does the carbon dioxide in your breath come from?

The human body uses oxygen in cellular respiration to create energy by oxidizing carbohydrates (mostly sugars), fats, or protein. This process produces carbon dioxide, water, and other chemical by-products. The carbon dioxide is brought through the bloodstream to the lungs, where it is exchanged for ( Full Answer )

Where does carbon dioxide come from?

Carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) is produced during respiration by all animals, fungi and microorganisms that depend either directly or indirectly on plants for food. It is thus a major component of the carbon cycle . When you breathe in oxygen (O) from the air around you, it travels through your body and ( Full Answer )

Why can't candles burn in carbon dioxide?

Answer . For combustion to occur (that is, a fire to start), oxygen must be present. In an anaerobic environment where oxygen is not present, there can be no combustion reaction. Even though Carbon dioxide contains oxygen (the oxide in dioxide) it must exist as oxygen gas for a fire to start, th ( Full Answer )

Where does the carbon dioxide that you exhale come from?

When you breath in oxygen, that oxygen undergoes a process called cellular respiration in order to provide energy for your cells. I won't go into detail with the entire process, but basically a sugar (C 6 H 12 O 6 ) combined with oxygen (6O 2 ) to create carbon dioxide (6CO 2 ) and water (6H 2 O). S ( Full Answer )

Were does carbon dioxide come from?

Carbon dioxide comes from the Earth's atmosphere and also thecrust. 82 percent of greenhouse gas is generated from humanactivity.

Where does the carbon dioxide for photosynthesis come from?

The world's estimated population is 7.4 billion. We all breatheout. In our breathing out is carbon dioxide. The US publisher Ward's estimates there were 1.015 billion motorvehicles in use in the world in 2010, including cars, heavy dutytrucks; and buses (but no off-road vehicles or heavy constructio ( Full Answer )

Where does carbon in the carbon dioxide you exhale come from?

The Carbond Dioxide (CO2) in expired air is the waste product of complete cellular respiration that is carries in the blood to be removed by the lungs. Each cell uses a carbon based fuel (like glucose) to get energy. The cells that contain strucutres called Mitochondria are able to cully oxidise suc ( Full Answer )

What is a Kerr wood and oil burning furnace worth?

I'm in the middle of the same dilemma of trying to track this info down as Kerr's website is down for construction and no one else seems to have anything on it out there. The following info may be helpful:

Does carbon dioxide burn?

Carbon dioxide is a non-flammable gas. It is the product of combustion itself. Liquid CO2 can be combined with Hydrogen in a pressurized reactor to produce Carbon, Oxygen, and Water. 2H+CO2 = C+O+H2O. This happens when CO2 is sequestered underground. The CO2 combines with H in the rocks and this re ( Full Answer )

Where does the carbon dioxide come from the lungs?

i don't know. is that the best answer in the world! haha YES IT'S dumb but check wikipedia thay should have here I'll check just click on this or copy and paste it should be blue or something if not just copy and paste i didn't read the artcle yet if your Q is ( Full Answer )

Where does the carbon that is used in blast furnace come from?

\n \n\n. \n. Coal, distilled to drive off its contents and leave the carbon, plus a little bit of non-volatile impurities, principally silica; in a form called Coke. (No relation to the colloquial contraction of Coca-Cola! :-) )

Where does Carbon dioxide comes from?

it comes from carbon oxidizing through fire. It also comes from a lot of other places. Carbon dioxide is a waste product of cellular respiration. It diffuses into the blood from the cells and travels to the lung where it is exhaled into the air.

Why does magnesium burn in carbon dioxide?

Magnesium burns in carbon dioxide because, when heated, the oxygen in the carbon dioxide is able to bond with magnesium and produce an oxide. Carbon, or soot is formed as a resulting by-product. 2Mg + CO 2 ----> 2MgO + C

How do you get rid of carbon dioxide burns?

The only "carbon dioxide burns" I am familiar with are those from handling dry ice. As such they are equivalent to "frostbite", i.e. they are a result of freezing tissue. They should be treated like frostbite. Very mild "burns" can be treated by gently warming the affected area and then bandaging it ( Full Answer )

How did carbon dioxide come about?

Well in the atmostphere there was always carbon atoms and dioxide atoms, aswell with all the other atoms in the periodic table.. Carbon, being the building block oflife, makes up most things when it is bonded with different things. So, in the end, say after being in the soil; then growing into a pl ( Full Answer )

Is carbon dioxide necessary for burning?

No. CO2 is a product of combustion. If the concept that LeChatelier proposed is used, the CO2 actually gets in the way of the combustion reaction (burning).

Where does carbon dioxide in the body come from?

Aerobic metabolism; glucose and oxygen are converted to water and carbon dioxide to produce energy. So if you want to stop global warming, it helps to stop breathing.

Does burning plant produce carbon dioxide?

Yes, burning plants produce carbon dioxide, after all oxygen is flameable. >Burning of any hydrocarbon generates carbon dioxide as a by-product. Plants are mainly composed of various glucose and cellulose polymers, which essentially are hydrocarbons, which when burned, release CO2 and leave an as ( Full Answer )

Where does carbon dioxide come from in the body?

The CO2 in your breath comes from your blood via the lungs. It originated from the production of energy from your food. Where the carbohydrates were oxidized to water and CO 2 .

Where is carbon dioxide coming from?

Carbon dioxide moves in and out of the atmosphere, the oceans, animals, trees and the soil as part of the carbon cycle, which neither creates nor destroys carbon. Additional atmospheric carbon dioxide comes from the burning of fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas). This burning releases carbon th ( Full Answer )

Can carbon dioxide burn humans?

Carbon dioxide cannot burn anything, unless of course when it is extremely hot. if anything, carbon dioxide will prevent you burning, for example if you are on fire, because it removes some heat and stops oxygen getting to the fuel.

How does burning trees effects carbon dioxide?

Burning trees not only creates more carbon dioxide because of the smoke released from the burning, but also because trees help remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. They take in CO2 and release oxygen. The less trees there are, the more CO2 in our atmosphere.

Where does carbon that is used in a blast furnace come from?

Coal, distilled in a retort to expel the volatile content and leave the carbon as a spongy-looking solid called "coke". \n. (Strange - there are several versions of this question, suggesting to me poor teaching or text-books that focus only on the chemistry and not the overall process, purpose and ( Full Answer )

Is pine good for outdoor wood burning furnace?

Pine has a low heat value per pound when compared to hardwoods. It will tend to burn quickly, meaning you will be adding fuel more frequently. It does produce a lot of creosote, but that may be a minimal problem for an outdoor furnace.

How is carbon dioxide released from burning?

Carbon dioxide is released whenever a organism that was living decomposes. Whether by fire or through natural decomposition, the item will release carbon dioxide as it turns back into the basic elements that it was composed of.

Does fire need carbon dioxide to burn?

No. Fire need fuel, oxygen, and heat to burn. Carbon dioxide is aproduct of most fires and can actually be used to put fires out.

Why does burning coal produce more carbon dioxide than burning wood?

Coal and wood actually produce fairly similar amounts of carbon dioxide when burnt. However, the carbon dioxide produced from the wood originally came from the atmosphere and was converted by the original tree into wood - so burning the wood simply returns this to the atmosphere and there is no net ( Full Answer )

Does Carbon Dioxide come from planes?

obviously, if an EasyJet plane lifts of, it releases carbon dioxide from the engine, which gets released into the air, & that causes the earth to warm up, and then it will be the end of the world! NOTE: carbon dioxide is not produced by planes, so if it is the production of carbon dioxide, the answ ( Full Answer )

What is carbon dioxides effect on burning splint?

It will extinguish the flame, as it replaces the oxygen around the splint, which is an essential component of combustion. The splint may relight if placed in an oxygen rich environment.

What companies make wood burning furnaces?

There are numerous companies that make wood burning furnaces. Somewell-known manufacturers include Heatmor, Northwest Manufacturing,and Kerr Heating. Outdoor wood furnace manufacturers includeHeatmaster, Crown Royal, Heatmor, Central Boiler, Empyr.

How do you burn wood in a furnace in Minecraft?

You can place coal in the furnace, then place any wood on the top slot to burn it to charcoal, or use a wood log on the bottom slot and one at the top and it'll burn that way as well.

Where do the carbon dioxide come from in photosynthesis?

From the atmosphere, and also as a waste product exhaled by animalsduring respiration. The Earth's atmosphere consists of 0.04% CarbonDioxide, and it is exhaled by all mammals as a waste product.Animals and plants need each other, as what is waste gas to theone, is essential for the other to live.