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Can computers replace teachers?


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To make it short, a computer is just a machine. It needs programs to come alive, starting with an opearating system. A computer will be as good as people have programmed it to be.

The human mind is something very complex, with reason, feelings, conscience and subconscience.

My point is that before a computer can compute all the ways of thinking of the human mind we will need teachers, their Psychology and understanding to make us progress.


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Computers cannot replace teachers because human touch is more important than computers and personal presence of teachers arouse children's interest.

Computers cannot replace teachers because computers do not have feelings. They cannot teach one thing in different ways. The lady teachers can be sexy but not a computer.

Not anytime soon. Computers along with lesser trained teacher aides may allow teachers to handle much larger classes. Computers may be able to do most of the testing, grading and record-keeping for teachers.

Type your answer here... parents won't have to worry about their children getting hit on

i have no idea depends on the student because some of them like teachers and some of them don't but i think maybe not because because humans are smarter then computers and computers don't do anything but are smart too but i say computer's should't replace teacher's. but in the future maybe human's might replace teacher's as computer's because maybe in the future people might use robot's,computer's and technology to take care of them and make there life's easier.

Not for a very long time because everyone is different and we lack the technology to make an AI powerful enough to teach.

It is unknown if computers will replace books in the future.

yes they are as computers may be interesting and also they dont forget like our teachers do and they are not strict like our teachers and the computer is updated each and every time.

Pros:more reliable informationcomputers are less likely make errors than teachersno favourites, so everyone is treated equally.Computers dont need to be paidCons:Unemplyment levels would riseAll the energy used to power the computers is bad for the environment and global warming can be a huge threat.Students need guidance and real advice which can be given by a teachers while a computer can only give facts and statisticsComputers have limitations and can only preform certain tasksTeachers raise more interest for student making them want to learn.

computers are better than teachers because they correct your mistakes. they have social networking . computers don't make errors but teachers . you can play play learning games which is much better than reading books and getting it . the textbook's information is copied from the computer . teachers have a habit of scolding and hitting which is very rare . actually teachers learn from computers. As [some people say] that if current is not there computers don't work but i think current is something that goes and come backs in 1minute so why worries ! computers can repeat , nowadays people are using computers more than than listining to teachers . so instead of going to school you can use information of computers and more . By, sushil

not at all teachers are the one who teaches childrenand help them

Computers and Personal computers are the same

no because teachers have better abilities

because the are for students and teachers to use.

Teachers are better than computers because children need human contact. Children may also tend to believe a person before a computer.

internet should not replace teacher coz Internets are wrong sometimes so its better than to listen to a teacher rather than computer.. i admit I'm also adic in browsing the net IF i need to -monster:)

Human Beings will be replaced by robots

Robots should not replace teachers. Teachers have feelings. If a kid is struggling they can talk to them. You can't have the same effect with a robot. They're just that, a robot. Teachers make a diffreence in kids lifes. They don't just teach they care.

they aren't ( it actually depends on teacher).

Vaio computers have the Windows software and the parts for these computers are cheap to replace when something falls apart. Mac computers are more expensive to replace parts on. There are also some programs that are not offered on Mac but are offered on PC.

There are some benefits to computers in education. Computers can connect students with students and teachers worldwide. Computers can also aid in the collaboration process of sharing documents and ideas.

Schools need computers for doing some research on topics. Teachers would also need computers or laptops for planning out the day on how they would teach the students

They shouldn't because computers would be very expensive 2 provide to the whole country. Unemployment levels would rise. Global warming would be a serious threat due to all the energy being consumed by the computers. Students may not have access to computers or be able to use them. Dyslexic pupils or low ability students will not be able to fully comprehend or learn using a computer. Students need teachers to help them to discriminate between sources of information and be creative which computer cannot do. It is impractical for mobile subjects such as drama and p.e. Expensive to maintain computers and they could easily crash.

NO, humans created the computers and humans put the information on the computers the computers have no thinking ability what so ever... the information you see on a website that you learn from is not the computer teaching you its the person who created the site that is teaching you.

because touch computers are more convenient than the normal computer. you will just touch the screen and voila!

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