Can computers replace teachers

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To make it short, a computer is just a machine. It needs programs to come alive, starting with an opearating system. A computer will be as good as people have programmed it to be.

The human mind is something very complex, with reason, feelings, conscience and subconscience.

My point is that before a computer can compute all the ways of thinking of the human mind we will need teachers, their psychology and understanding to make us progress.

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Q: Can computers replace teachers
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Computers cannot replace teachers because human touch is more important than computers and personal presence of teachers arouse children's interest.

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Computers cannot replace teachers because computers do not have feelings. They cannot teach one thing in different ways. The lady teachers can be sexy but not a computer.

Can computers can replace teachers?

Not anytime soon. Computers along with lesser trained teacher aides may allow teachers to handle much larger classes. Computers may be able to do most of the testing, grading and record-keeping for teachers.

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CAD programs

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Type your answer here... parents won't have to worry about their children getting hit on

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i have no idea depends on the student because some of them like teachers and some of them don't but i think maybe not because because humans are smarter then computers and computers don't do anything but are smart too but i say computer's should't replace teacher's. but in the future maybe human's might replace teacher's as computer's because maybe in the future people might use robot's,computer's and technology to take care of them and make there life's easier.

Will computers replace teachers?

Not for a very long time because everyone is different and we lack the technology to make an AI powerful enough to teach.

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It is unknown if computers will replace books in the future.

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