Can couples therapy help a marriage?


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Yes, in some cases it can. However, both parties have to be open minded and work with the therapist. From talking to different people they say it's the male counterpart that is in denial and will go along for the sessions grudgingly and honestly belief it's the wife or girlfriend with the problem and not them! Some men feel attacked or feel they are weak if they have to seek out therapy of any kind. Most men have been brought up to stay strong, don't cry and figure out your own problems. Out of 5 friends (including myself with my first husband) therapy only worked for one couple. It's worth a try.


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Marriage and couples therapy is essentially the same thing. With a marriage, there is usually more commitment, however.

Yes marriage therapy could help. It will still be tough, but marriage therapy could help the two of you to get over your issues.

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A third type of marriage counseling involves postmarital therapy, in which divorcing couples who share children seek help in working out their differences.

Couples in the midst of a divorce find that marriage therapy during separation can help them find a common ground as they negotiate interpersonal issues and child custody.

A marriage counselor is trained to use different types of therapy in work with individuals, couples, and groups.

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Yes, there are many couples and marriage counseling therapists in the Greensboro, North Carolina region. They include Pathways Counseling Center, Dr. Murray, Dr. Makinson and many others. Couples therapists may have different styles of therapy and different rates.

The CPT code for family counseling (marriage counseling falls under this) is 90847.

There are many approaches used in marriage counseling, however, one method in particular that is shown to be successful with couples is Emotionally Focused Therapy.

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Yes, Marriage Seminars benefit couples with marriage problems, but only if the individuals in the relationship are open minded and will accept the help. There is a percentage of men that often refuse to seek help for marriage problems mainly out of fear of airing their dirty laundry in public to fear of being blamed for the marriage problems. The Marriage Seminars are not meant to put blame on one person or the other as a couple, but to open up new doors and good tools to a healthier and stronger marriage. If the couple is serious about getting help and know they will follow the recommendations of the Marriage Seminar then it will help.

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Yes, your parents should consider seeing a couples therapist or marriage counselor. In addition, one or both of them may also consider individual therapy.

marriage counseling is one type of family therapy, but there are other types of family therapy as well.

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Yes, some psychologists specialize in working with couples. As when seeking other services, I would recommend researching profiles online specific for relationship / marriage counseling. Those with specific training in Marriage and Family Therapy would be the best fit.

Choosing to seek marriage counseling is a big step and can yield positive results for many couples experiencing difficulties in their marriage. Often times, marriage counseling can either help to secure a marriage or help couples make a more sensible decision with working their problems out or going forward with a separation or divorce. Having a marriage counselor to mediate brings clarity and helps each party in the relationship take responsibility for their own part.

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