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Can custody be changed if the custodial parent removes minor children from the country in violation of a court order?


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can't with the permission of the other parent or the court.

If a custodial parent can take a child out of the country on vacation without telling the non-custodial parent will depend on the court order and the laws in the state they live in. Many states will want the custodial parent to get a notarized document from the non-custodial parent stating they are giving their permission for the child to leave the country.

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There is a lot missing, such as was the custodial denying access? Also, did the custodial sign the Visa Application for the child?

Yes, alone. To take the child along requires written permission of the custodial parent.

You may certainly make application. However, whether he will be granted entry or not is a question that cannot be answered.

It depends on whether you mean permanently or simply for a vacation. First, you cannot violate a visitation order without the consent of the non-custodial parent, preferably in writing. You do not require the court's or non-custodial parent's permission to leave the state for a vacation but the non-custodial parent should be notified and visitation time should be made up if missed. You do need the non-custodial parent's consent to leave the country for even a short vacation. In fact, you would encounter problems leaving the country, entering another country and returning without an official consent. You cannot leave either state or country permanently or for an extended period without the consent of the non-custodial parent and a modification of court orders. Doing so could result in your losing custody.

The custodial parent (the one who has the child/children) is receiving SSI that is not included in the decision of the amount of support paid by the non custodial parent. If the non custodial parent is receiving SSD or SSI or other public assistance it is included in the decision for the amount of child support granted and such benefits can be garnished. Please click on the related links below: Public Web A non custodial parent, unfortunately, cannot be forced to pay child support!! What kind of country do we live in??

Absolutely. A minor child cannot be taken legally from the U.S. without a valid passport. The custodial parent or guardian must, under oath, in person agree to allow the child to accompany the non custodial parent before a passport is issued. Likewise, depending upon the custodial order, the custodial parent may need the non custodial parent to present a sworn affidavit that he or she is allowing the minor to obtain a passport and travel outside of the U.S.

It is not stated from which country this question originates - in the US there is no such violation as "losing a bus ticket."

A country can refuse to trade with another country. NATO can also stop trade with a country because of a treaty violation.

I think they can, but I'm pretty sure unless they have a restraining order or command to stay in that country, they can ask the government for permission to leave the country.

An illegal immigrant is a person that has broken the law by entering or remaining in another country in violation of the laws of that country.

one of this country is Philippines

if a non custodial parent reuses to sign a passport the only option is court. A judge can decide if it is in the best interests of the child to leave the country.

Why children should not hawk on the street of your country?"

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Did you sign the Visa application? Both signatures are required.

yes, he\she should seek for permission from the parent.

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