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Grew up in India. DDT powder and anti mosquito spray was a must in every home rich or poor When bed bugs `struck' mattresses were put out on the terrace for a sunning and DDT powder was generously sprinkled in the room. The bed bugs did not live to tell the tale. Sure DDT works..more than fact Friends who grew up in Poland and E Europe say the same..its the bed bug killer that `nukes' them out. Why has Canada banned DDT?

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Q: Can ddt powder kill bed bugs?
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Can you use ddt powder to kill head lice?

DDT is very efficient but not recommended because of his high toxicity.

When did the bed bugs start?

Bed bugs are nothing new dating back to biblical times and before. The recent spike in new cases is due to resistant strains of bed bugs and the ban of DDT back in the 1970's.

What is stronger then permethrin for bed bugs?

Dichloorvos and DDT more effective, but is harmful to other organisms.

Was ddt used to kill bad bugs 50 years ago?

Yes, DDT is very efficient against mosquitoes and other insects.

How exactly does DDT harm the peregrine falcon?

it can get on crops then eventually bugs get on and eat it and then the bugs get DDT and a falcon eats the bug and then the falcon gets DDT

What is one of the diseases that makes bald eagles die?

DDT was a pesticide that was used to kill bugs on farms. But when pretadors of those bugs were eaten by other predators the level of DDT rose and made the Bald Eagles egg shells very thin and usually the bald eagle would die. DDT is now outlawed, but the levels of DDT are still in fish and insects.

Why is DDT banned in some countries?

DDT is a persistent chemical - it does not break down after it is used. So if you spray DDT to kill bugs, and birds eat the bugs, the birds now have DDT in them. Some species of birds almost went extinct because the DDT made their eggshells so weak that the chicks couldn't survive. You don't want to have a chemical around that solves one problem, but creates a hundred more.

What is ddt and what is it supposed to kill?

DDT is dichlorodiphenyltrichlorethane.

What is ddt and why is it bad for the environment?

DDT is a pesticide that was used to kill bugs. It's bad for the environment because it was killing the animals that would eat those bugs once they were dead, and the population of those animals was decreasing fast. It was banned once scientists realized what it was doing to the animals.

Why is DDT harmful to bald eagles?

The DDT gets sprayed on the bugs. The small fish eat the bugs and the DDT goes inside of them. The bigger fish swallow the smaller fish they get DDT inside of them too. When the bald eagle swoops down to get it's fish it eats the fish and also contains DDT. DDT in the bald eagle will cause egg thinness and crack. The bald eagle population will then go down.

Does DDT kill bees?

Yes, it will.

Why was DDT used?

to kill insects

DDT was used to?

To kill insects

Why do predatory birds die when DDT is sprayed onto land or water?

Your premise is incorrect; DDT does not kill birds. DDT kills mosquitoes.

Why is DDT bad for birds of prey?

Large amount of DDT can poison and even kill Birds of prey.

Can DDT kill us?

At high concentration, yes.

Why was DDT used to kill insects?

because it works

What does DDT do to sparrows?

kill them/ inhibit ability to reproduce

Can DDT kill fish?

Yes, it is possible.

What fertilizer almost made the Bald EAgle extinct?

Actually it was ddt a pestiside for bugs.

How DDT affects plants?

DDT does not affect plants directly, though it might kill the insects that pollinate flowering plants.

Where and how you could buy DDT to kill the bedbugs?

DDT is illegal. Actually no it is not. And DDT is as safe as orange juice. Check your facts. This is not 1972 any longer. The lies must end.

What they used to control bugs in the good days?

DDT, CHlordane, Diazinon, Dursban, Safrotin, Strychnine.

Is using DDT to kill mosquitoes still effective?

DDT is very efficient but is now avoided because is toxic also for other living organisms.

Ddt is a type of?

DDT is a type of pesticide, first made in the laboratory in 1873, but only found useful when Dr. Paul Muller discovered that DDT could kill insects. DDT was used in World War II to kill mosquitoes that carried malaria and lice that carried typhus. Millions of lives were saved during the war because of the effectiveness of DDT. However, DDT was banned in the United States in 1973 because of its lethal effect on birds. DDT builds up as you go up the food chain, so the higher consumers have the most concentration of DDT. In addition, DDT stays in animals' bodies because it is not metabolized very quickly; DDT is stored in fat, instead. As a result, DDT from fishes end up highly concentrated in the birds that eat fishes contaminated with DDT. Affected birds begin laying eggs with thin eggshells, and the offspring of these birds with high concentrations of DDT are unable to develop properly.