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Massachusetts doesn't have license restrictions on scooters.


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Of course! You don't need a license to drive a scooter.

Can you drive a 50 cc scooter in Texas without a drivers license

No, if it is motorized, you need a license.

Type your answer here... In Florida can you drive a scooter at age 15?

Yes, but it is very dangerous.

Can you drive a scooter 50 CC inPhiladelphia without licence and also without insurance. How would you get the scooter insured if youdon'thave a driver licence?thanks

Usually, to ride without a license, the scooter must be 49cc or less and have a top speed of 35 MPH.

Not legally. You need a valid driver's license and insurance.

Do u need a full license to drive a 50cc scooter in turkey

With a suspended license in IN will I be able to drive a 49 cc scooter in AZ?

You need a permit or driver's license, but do not need a motorcycle license.

Is a license required in Florida to drive a 49cc scooter

No, you must have a 'motorcycle' licence to drive a motorised scooter in Australia

No, you do not need to have your motorcycle license in order to drive a scooter. For states will only require you to have your driver's permit.

Driving any vehicle on the roads without a license is a crime, including scooters.

no cause it not as fast the most that it can go is 30 mph

yes you can, if It is less than 50cc than it is legal if you have a helmet

no no matter what you need license to drive legally

Yes- the machine must be registered with the state and you must have a validdrivers' license to drive it. They are called motorized bicycles. There are also restrictions on where you can drive it. See the related link for details.

If you live in Cuba, a Florida license will not be required to operate a scooter in Iowa. You must have an Iowa license.

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