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Type your answer here... In Florida can you drive a scooter at age 15?


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Technically, you can operate a "scooter" without a valid license in Florida, IF the scooter is electric and meets the qualifications of being a motorized bike. If the scooter runs on gasoline, then no matter the size, you HAVE to have a valid driver's license. (By the way, the 49cc reference in the question actually does pertain to a certain restriction in Florida - with a gasoline powered scooter, 49cc is the maximum engine size a person can operate without a motorcycle endorsement on their driver's license). Oh, one last thing about the electric scooter - it has to have pedals which allow it to be pedaled just like a bicycle...hence meeting the guidelines of a "motorized bike."

A person must have a class E driver's license in order to driver a scooter in the state of Florida. Like all other licenses, it can be obtained at the DMV.

You do not have to have a motorcycle endorsement but you do have to have a valid drivers license.

I know u can drive an electric bike or moped up to 700 watts, don't know about gas(like a puch or tomos)

no cause it not as fast the most that it can go is 30 mph

Of course! You don't need a license to drive a scooter.

No. Under Florida law, operation of ANY gas powered vehivle on the orad requires both a drivers license and vehicle registration.

Can you drive a 50 cc scooter in Texas without a drivers license

Electric kick scooters do not generally require a license but you should always check the local laws in your area before riding an electric scooter on public streets. Motor scooters on the other hand typically require a valid driver's license and possibly a motorcycle endorsement depending on how powerful the motor is.

No, if it is motorized, you need a license.

Massachusetts doesn't have license restrictions on scooters.

Yes, but it is very dangerous.

Usually, to ride without a license, the scooter must be 49cc or less and have a top speed of 35 MPH.

Bo you can not. You have to have a drivers license. However for a two wheeled vehicle with less than 50cc you do not need a motorcycle endorsement.

Can you drive a scooter 50 CC inPhiladelphia without licence and also without insurance. How would you get the scooter insured if youdon'thave a driver licence?thanks

Can u buy a motorcycle without a license in Florida

Not legally. You need a valid driver's license and insurance.

According to Florida State Law, there is no requirement for a license for skateboarding.

Yes, but it is illegal for anyone to operate an electric scooter without a licence.

Driving any vehicle on the roads without a license is a crime, including scooters.

can u ride a 49cc gas scooter on the road without Georgia operatator licences

you must have a marriage licence to get married in Florida

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