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Can exercising and a no-carb diet cause you to have an irregular or delayed period?

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Yes, absolutely, and if you are on a no-carb diet I am surprised you have the energy to exercise. The human body requires prtoein, fat and carbohydrate for efficient metabolism, energy, and healing. Like, if you ever read of girls undereating then you will know they dont even get their period because their body cannot function.

2007-12-19 00:35:41
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Can you not be pregnant even if you miss a period?

Here you must remember that missing a period is not the sign of a100% pregnancy , your periods could be delayed, and some have irregular periods as well.

What could be the reason for delayed or irregular menstruation if it was delayed for five weeks and when it started it was not heavy and only lasted 3 to 4 days?

This could be pregnancy related or due to a hormonal imbalance. You need to see your Doctor. PCOS could also be a reason for your delayed period but its unlikely unless you have very irregular periods along with other PCOS symptoms.

Is eight days of a delayed period something to worry about?

no. usually this occurrs when you are stressed out about something that is bothering you, it can cause your body to hold off on your period. most girls just have an irregular period. birth control can help keep your period on track.

Can your period be delayed by not eating?


Can prescription meds cause delayed period?

Yes becuz drugs + vagina = delayed period dumb dumb

Can periods be delayed by 17-20 days?

Yes, if you have been sick, under stress, over exercising ( like training for a marathon) or on an extreme diet these things can delay a period.

What are some reasons your period could be delayed if you are not pregnant?

AnswerStress relatedSleep problemsIrregular CyclesChange in sexual relations (increased or decreased)Diet ChangesPregnancy - take a pregnancy test to confirmIf you feel that none of these could be a reason or you have general concerns for your delayed period you should visit your GP with your concerns.

What does an irregular period look like?

Irregular period is the same as a period. Irregular just means no set pattern, for example your period might come 1 week after you finished your first one or it might come after 3months or so.

Can a change in sleeping pattern cause your period to be delayed or missed?

Yes, a change in sleeping patterns can cause a persons period to be missed or delayed.

When do you ovulate if you have an irregular period?

Two weeks after your period

What could cause your period to be delayed?

When you're pregnant, you won't have a period.

Can a period be delayed?

No it can't. Your body determines it.

Can stress cause you to have delayed period?


I am 13 days delayed to period?

your pregnate

What would happen when woman skip their period?

It's normal to be delayed once in awhile or even skip it but you can be pregnant. it can also be because you have gained or lost a lot of weight quickly or been exercising more then usual.

Can you miss your period if you have an irregular period?

Yes. But this also depends on your definition of "irregular". If your period comes a few days earlier or later than usual, then the chances are that that will be your period. It is quite common, but if it continues or becomes VERY irregular, go and see your GP.

Can you still conceive with an irregular period?

Yes you can still conceive with irregular or regular on time periods! all that matters is you have a period!

What is the fastest way to get pregnant with irregular period?

iregula period

Can an under active thyroid stop ones period?

Yes, your period can be delayed from it.

Can you get pregnant with a irregular period?

Yes, you can

Is intercourse can be the reason for irregular period?

No it will not.

How long is your period irregular?

Your period may stay irregular until you are 18 to 20 years old when you will develop a regular cycle.

Is an irregular period bad?

Well if you have an irregular period you should go see the doctor and they will probably tell you to go get a papsmear and then you will be put on birthcontrol.If you have an irregular period its best to get it checked up on because it could effect you later on in life.

Can a girl's FIRST period be delayed if she mastaurbates with a showerhead?

No it will not.

Is it normal to have brown discharge come from you if you have an irregular period?

yes it is normal to brown discharge come from you if you have an irregular periods or on the day you finish your period.