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Can female deer have antlers?

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Female caribou and reindeer grow antlers, in some rare cases female deer such as whitetails can grow antlers if they produce to much testosterone.

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Most female deer do not keep their antlers.

Female - No antlers Male - antlers Besides Caribou, both sex have antlers.

Deer have antlers. Females of deer of the White tail and Mule deer do not have either. Some European deer will grown antlers for the females, I believe.

deer use their antlers for fighting over doe(female deer).

only male dear (buck) have antlers. Female dear (doe) do not. Unless that female deer is a caribou. Both male and female caribou grow antlers.

AnswerYes. They are the only type of deer in which both male and female have antlers.

Female reindeer and caribou have antlers, all other types of deer do not have females with antlers.

A buck is a male deer, he also has antlers. A doe is a female deer, she does not have antlers.

No. No species of deer has antler on the does(females).

In every species of deer I've seen, whitetail, blacktail, sitka, sika, axis, all the variations of mule deer, and red deer, I have never seen a female deer with antlers.

female caribou grow antlers female deer dont

No, actually, only both genders of reindeer grow antlers. No other species of deer do.

No, only male deer have antlers although it is extremely rare to have a female deer with antlers. ^^Actually, since all they are REINDEER, they all have antlers. Male and female. But, male reindeer drop their antlers in early winter, while females retain theirs until early spring. So ACTUALLY, all his reindeer are female.

The male has antlers and the female doesn't

- female caribou and reindeer grow antlers, in some rare cases female deer such as whitetails can grow antlers if they produce to much testosterone hope that helps (=

Does are female deer and Stags are male deer. Fawns are yound deer. Stags have antlers.

Female deer do not have antlers. Only males, in which they usually fall off gradually or are pulled off in fighting or territory marking on trees.

Male deer have antlers, females usually have no antler or just small stubs. The only exception is the reindeer, both male and female reindeer have full antlers.

You can get the deer antlers in the catalog. The antlers are called Silverthorn Antlers.

Male deer (called bucks) are the only ones that have antlers.

no female deers don't have antlers Sometimes female white tail deer do grow antlers. It is not normal but some does have been known to grow them. It would be the same as any animal can have both male and female traits. This could be due to over population and inbreeding.

All reindeer have antlers, male and female, which makes them different because in most of the deer and elk, only the males have antlers.

nope, only male deers have antlers... The female Caribou grows antlers but they are thinner and shorter then the males. In some rare cases female deer can grow antlers. When the air starts to get cold the antlers will become brittle, cracked and will fall off.

No they don't ONLY Males have them WRONG!!! The only female deer that will have anterls is the reindeer or caribou. Sometimes the female does have a small stub.

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