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No, folic acid is a vitamin, nothing to do with a pregnancy test.

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Q: Can folic acid change the result of a pregnancy test?
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Where to get folic acid during pregnancy?

A Multivitamin

Does folic acid help support pregnancy?


Why take folic acid supplements before pregnancy?

Folic acid taken before pregnancy can prevent severe birth defects including proper formation of the spinal column.

Is it okay to take folic acid while pregnant?

This is a question you need to talk to your doctor about. you need 800 mcg of folic acid during pregnancy to prevent birth defects folic acid is the main thing in prenatel pills and are what u need alot of during your pregnancy

How is folic acid used in the body?

Folic acid is usually recommended to women during pregnancy. Males usually would not get much benefit from this supplement.

How can folic acid help you get pregnant?

Folic acid does not aid in fertility but it is a necessary vitamin for pregnant women. It should be taken even before pregnancy. Folic Acid aids in proper spinal development and formation of the fetus.

How much folic acid should you take during pregnancy?

You should be taking a Prenatal vitamin which contains Folic Acid. You may need to take a Folic Acid supplement if your doctor prescribes it. You will need to check with him first...

Why is folic acid important during pregnancy?

Folate or folic acid is a key nutrient to helping to lower the risk for certain birth defects and problems that happen during pregnancy. Most expectant mothers are encouraged to take in foods rich in folate or folic acid before and during pregnancy to help eliminate the risk for birth defects.

What causes a lack of folic acid?

Typically a lack in folic acid is due to dietary reasons, but pregnancy, smoking, and a few types of medications can lower it as well. Folic acid is found in green leafy vegetables, beans, and liver.

Is it important for pregnant women to use folic acid?

Yes, it is very important. Folic acid during pregnancy is essential to an unborn child. The use of folic acid can significantly reduce the risk chance of birth defects to your baby.

Which nutrient are needed during pregnancy?

Iron, calcium and folic acid are especially important during pregnancy.

Why is it necessary to take folic acid when trying to conceive?

Folic acid reduces the risk of birth defects in studies. Also a lack of folic acid can lead to exhaustion and edginess. Many times it is prescribed to expectant mothers early in their pregnancy.

Which nutrients are needed during pregnancy?

Iron, vitamin D, and Folic Acid

What happens if you dont take enough folic acid?

Folic acid is a B vitamin that is imperative to the growth of a healthy fetus. If you don't take enough folic acid during pregnancy, what could happen is that your baby might be born with spina bifida.

When to take folic acid?

Ideally, take folic acid if you are trying to conceive (in the form of a pre-natal vitamin). Folic acid makes the most difference (in my understanding) in the first trimester of pregnancy as that is when neural tube and brain development is most involved.

What is folicacid?

this a acid that is needed to help develop a baby in pregnancy. if there is not enough folic acid in your diet in your first thirteen weeks of pregnancy then your baby will die.

What is folic acid essential for?

Folic Acid is essential for cell growth and proper development of the embryo in pregnancy. It has also been proven to reduce the risk for a Neutral Tube Defect.

What is the dosage for fersolate and folic acid during pregnancy?

one tablet for each day.

When to start taking folic acid on pregnancy?

Actually youre supposed to start folic acid before you fall pregnant to allow it enough time to get into your body and continue till 13weeks.

Folic acid deficiency causes?


Where is folic acid found?

folic acid ants

How do Folic acid or Biotin of complex B group assist your bodies?

Folic acid is extremely important in our bodies. It is necessary for cell division (DNA replication). This means you need it for growing new cells, bone, and especially during the growth of new tissues such as during pregnancy. Without enough folic acid during pregnancy, a child could suffer from neurotubular defects.

Can folic acid and prenatal vitamins be taken together as a means of trying to get pregnant?

Well these vitamins are excellent to take before pregnancy, but they don't increase your chances of pregnancy. I do not recommend that you stop taking them though. The folic acid and prenatal vitamins (which is just a multi-vitamin containing the right amounts of folic acid) is what will help your developing baby's spine form properly.

Should All women should take a folic acid supplement?

Yes. One should. Folic acid is necessary for cell division. In case of pregnancy the cells are rapidly dividing inside the womb.

Does folic acid conflict with diuretic?

Does folic acid conflict with diuretic