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Yes. You are not to, under ANY circumstance to get a tattoo while you are pregnant. You are bombarding the body with a foreign substance that your body will fight off, and in the pregnant state, this is not good. It is a standard question that is asked before any tattoo. Wait the nine months.

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Q: Can getting a tattoo during pregnancy harm an unborn baby?
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During the first two months of pregnancy the unborn child is known as?

During the first two months of pregnancy the unborn child is known as an embryo.

Where does the unborn baby develop during pregnancy?

The womb.

Can getting a pap-smear hurt your unborn child?

A pap smear will not cause a problem during pregnancy. It is a normal part of prenatal care.

Can lime harm unborn baby?

No, limes are safe to eat during pregnancy.

Can stress effect an unborn baby?

Yes, of course! It is very important to be calm during pregnancy

Can getting a Steroid injection hurt an unborn child?

It can indeed hurt the unborn child. Most pregnant women do not smoke nor do they drink much alcholol during pregnancy. This enables the unborn child to get healthy and strong, and makes the change of giving birth to an unhealthy child significantly smaller. The same goes for steroids -- it would be un-advisable to use them during pregnancy. In fact, I would not recommend anyone to use them at all.

Will taking hydrocodone during pregnancy what are the dangers to the unborn baby?

is it safe to ocassionally take vicoden when you are pregnant

What does dreaming of love for an unborn child mean?

It is entirely natural for parents to feel deep affection for an unborn child during pregnancy or after a miscarriage. The dream expresses that emotion.

What if an unborn baby has a big belly?

Many reason for this big belly. do you have diabetes during pregnancy? I IF yes, this might be one answer. Check with your doctor. pregnancy?

Taking pain pills during pregnancy What are the dangers to my unborn baby?

Acetaminophen (paracetamol) is quite safe during pregnancy but I would avoid aspirin and ibuprofen unless prescribed by your doctor.

Is it ok to cook with blue cheese during pregnancy?

Yes. Blue cheese should have no affect on you or you unborn baby.

What do we call the time during which a woman carries an unborn baby?

The common term is pregnancy. The technical term is gestation.

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