Can home tanning beds cause cancer?

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Home tanning beds can cause cancer. They are not a safe thing to have in the home and radiation needs to be monitored.

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Q: Can home tanning beds cause cancer?
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What do doctors recommend in terms of using home tanning beds?

In terms of using home tanning beds, doctors recommend you don't do it because of the size and fire hazard. You can read more at

How expensive are home tanning beds?

Home tanning beds will generally run you between $1000 and $2000.

Where can I find a good price on home tanning beds?

You can find cheap home tanning beds at:

Where can I find more information on tanning beds?

I would recommend researching tanning beds on a review website called This website features recommendations for home tanning beds and what benefits tanning beds might have for you.

Where can one find more information about home tanning?

One can find more information about home tanning form the following sources: Get Brown, Indoor Tanning, Self Tanning, SunFX, Maskcara, Skin Cancer, Tanning Beds, WikiHow, to name a few.

What are some makers of cheap home tanning beds?

ESb, Sunquest and LifeSmart all make affordable home tanning beds.

where are cheap tanning beds for sale?

For tanning beds that will let you achieve that beautiful bronze look from the comfort of your home, use only high-quality ESB Home Tanning Systems.

Where can I buy a tanning bed?

Tanning Beds, Tanning Bulbs, Home Tanning Beds and ... Tanning bed for sale by Wolff starting at $1349, 12 Months free financing on home ... You can key orders, track packages, print invoices, and create purchase ... Tanning Lotions - Wolff Tanning Lamps - Contact Us - Residential Tanning Beds

Are home tanning beds safe to use every day?

home tanning beds are not safe to use everyday. it is better to tan the natural way with standing in the sun covered with sunblock. its ok every once i a while to do the tanning beds.

What do I need to know about safety issues before buying a home tanning bed?

The main thing you need to know is that overuse of tanning beds increases cancer risk. Also be sure that you have the proper electrical setup to run a home tanning bed.

What is the average price of home tanning beds?

The price of a Home Tanning Beds varies from approximately $1000 to about $2500 so I guess if you want an average you would be looking at about $1750 as an average cost for a tanning bed.

What are the health concerns involved with home tanning beds?

Skin cancer is the largest issue involved. It also can lead to your skin aging much faster.

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