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Ask anyone who breeds ornamental waterfowl in captivity... If the parent is close-by, she will probably go nuts, even fly at you and deposit a smelly present on you, but otherwise it is fine to touch them EXCEPT that they may scatter in fear and in dense vegetation may get lost.

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โˆ™ 2009-07-24 19:00:16
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Q: Can humans touch baby mallard ducklings?
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Will koi eat baby ducklings. We have a mallard duck nesting next to our koi pond. When the ducklings hatch will the koi eat them if they swim in the pond?

yes they will

What type of Baby duck is black with yellow spots?

Mallard ducklings are black with yellow spots. They are also the most common type of duck, so you probably have a mallard.

What can a baby mallard duck eat?

Mallard ducklings eat insects. They eat rolled oats, clover grass, worms, little crabs, sea snails and I have given my duckling tuna.

How do you tell a baby mallard duck from a baby rouen duck?

You won't be able to until they are older. When they are older a rouen will be much bigger in size than a mallard.

What should you call two baby ducklings?

Just ducklings.

How do you call a baby duck?


What does baby ducks mean?


How is a baby duck called?


What age to realize Baby Ducklings?

i do not no

What do they call baby ducks?


What as baby ducks called?


What is a baby duck is called?

baby ducks are called ducklings...

What are baby ducks called?

They are called ducklings.

What are the different types of ducks baby?


What is a baby ducks real name?

The baby duck is called a duckling or ducklings.

What is Off spring of duck?

Baby ducks are ducklings.

Can a baby mallard drink milk?

Yes they can. If this duck is a wild mallard it's illegal to keep it.

What if your baby eats mallard duck poop?

Ensure the mallard duck gets good nutrition.

Why does the father duck kill their baby ducks?

It isn't the father of the ducklings that kills the ducklings, it is another male who is hoping to push the mother into a breeding state so he can have his own ducklings.

Do baby ducks get eaten by fish?

Large pikes are known to snatch ducklings. Also catfish and large bass eat ducklings.

Can you feed baby ducklings bread or hamster food?


Does tractor supply sell baby ducklings?

yes in spring they do

What is a baby poultry called?

Baby poultry: Baby chickens are chicks Baby Turkeys are poults Baby Ducks are ducklings Baby Geese are goslings

What does a baby mallard duck look like?

Baby mallard ducks all look the same no matter what gender. They are brown with blonde patches and all look stunningly alike.

What is a group of baby ducks called?

Baby ducks are known as ducklings. When they are in a group, then that group is known as a brood.