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A person or a company that puts a lien on a vehicle is a "lien holder" that is on the title. It is not recognized as ownership.

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Q: Can i Put a lien on a vehicle to get my name on the title?
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Is it possible to have a lien put on your vehicle even if you have a clear title?


Can I get the lien off of a vehicle that is no good and put it on another vehicle that is in my name?

If I have a car in my name with a lien on it and the car Is only god for scrap metal can I put the loan lien on my wifes car if she transfers the car to me.

Can you put a lien on a Texas car bonded title?

Yes, you can put a lien on a bonded title.

Can a car be title in one name but registered in another?

The only way that a person could register a car in one name and title it to another in CA would be if you put the person who is going to operate the vehicle as the "Registered Owner" and put the other person on as the "Legal Owner" This would mean the person who is listed as the "Lien Holder" would receive the title and the vehicle can not be sold or transferred without the lien holder signing off the title. Vehicle Registration Wizards @

If someone has a car title that belongs to a person that someone paid for from a title loan place and the person didn't put his name on the lien spot so does the car still belong to him or you or who?

The car belongs to the person listed as the owner on the title. Listing someone as the lien holder does not make them the owner.You can't transfer a motor vehicle when you know there's a lien on it. The lien would be reflected on the title and a prudent buyer wouldn't take title that is encumbered by a lien.

How do you put a lien on a vehicle?

how can i put a lien on a motor vehicle for a loan that was put out and no payment made yet on the personal loan

Can a title company put a lien on your vehicle if YOU still hold the title?

as long as you physically have the title in your possession and its in your name and they haven't signed the back, you are still the legal owner. A title company would have to give proof of your financial obligation to them

How do you put a lien on an auto that you have a financial interest in but your name is not on title and it is going up for sale soon?

You will have to get a new title showing yourself as lien holder

Can you put a lien on a car if you have the title?

That would be counterproductive if the title you hold is in your name. If you are holding the title for someone else, a lien would only make a difference when they sell the car--and it has to meet certain criteria.AnswerNo. You cannot place a lien on your own property legally since there is no separation of title. A lien gives the lien holder a legal interest in the property of another. If you are holding property in your name for someone else, the title is in your name and you cannot place a lien against it.

Do auto cash title loans put a lien against your car?

Auto cash title loans do not put a lien on your car. What happens is you surrender the title to the loan company and they give you cash. If you fail to pay back the loan, they have the title and are now able to legally come and take your vehicle.

Can you put a lien on a semi truck you are leasing from your employer who has not paid you for 4 weeks?

If you don't hold the title to that truck, you have nothing to put a lien on. The title holder is the actual legal owner of that vehicle, and when you say you're saying that you're leasing it from your "employer" (in reality, you, as a lease operator would be a 1099 contractor, not an employee), it tells me they hold the title on the truck, and already have a lien on it, as well.You have nothing to put a lien on, plain and simple.

Can a lien be put on someones vehicle if they owe rent money?

In this particular state you can not put a lien on a vehicle. There are 49 other states in the Union.

How do you put lien on car that you are selling to a private party?

Record lien on title- as 1st lien holder

How do you place a lien on personal property to cover a loan?

Personal property is pretty much impossible to put a lien on unless it has a title. Only something with a title, such as a car or boat, can really get a lien put on them. And real property, basically land, can have a lien put on it.

How do you put a lien on an auto in the province of BC?

I need to know how to put a lien on a vehicle in the province of BC

Can a loan company put a lien on your car if its not paid off?

If the vehicle was put as collateral for the loan, there already is a lien on it.

Can you put a second lien on a vehicle in Indiana?

If I sold a vehicle and the bank did not give me the whole amount owed towards the vehicle or the person buying the vehicle did not pay the remainder of the money can I put a second lien on the vehicle I live in Indiana

Can you get a title with just a bill of sale?

you can get a bonded title. or put a mechanics lien on it

Can a lien be put on a vehicle with joint owners?


How do you put a car under your name if it has lien holder?

The lien holder from the previous owner needs to sign off on the sale before you can change the title. If you buy the car, but still owe money on it, you can get the title in your name with the previous owner as lienholder.

Can shop put lien on car if im still payin on it?

In most states a shop can put a mechanic's lien on the vehicle whether you are still paying the note or not. This means that you cannot sell the vehicle until you clear the lien.

If you have the title to your car can someone put a lien on it?

Yes, if you left it for repairs in a shop and did not pay for repairs, they can put a mechanics lien on it, also if your car was towed and you did not take it out of storage they can put a storage lien on it. Sometimes even when you finance a car if they accidentally forget to add a lien and you receive the title, they can still add the lien with the contract or agreement they have signed by you.

Can you put a lien on a car if there is no lienholder on the title?

If the car is put up as collateral for a loan, and that loan is not repaid according to the written agreement then a lien will be placed on the title. If you sell the vehicle the lien holder will be paid first before you are able to put any money into your pocket. Never use your car as collateral for any loans ... cars lose their values and soon enough the lien (loan) will be more than the car is worth. The lien still has to be paid off when it's sold, even if the lien amount exceeds the price the car is sold for.

In the state of Colorado can an auto repair shop gain title to a car if owed money for repairs?

they can put a lien on your title,its called a mechanics lien

What does it mean if there's a lien on a car title?

A lien on a car title most typically means that money is still owed on the car. When a person takes out a loan on a car a lien is put on the title until the full repayment of the loan.