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If the vehicle has been repaired, inspected and approved by the Highway patrol, after resubmitting the title it will come back with ''prior salvage title'' rather than 'salvage title'. The vehicle is still worth some less than a vehicle with a 'clean' title. You could of course get a company that doesn't do it's homework to cover you, but beware not declaring this in the application for insurance is a dangerous thing. Also should a claim result this will come to light. Just be honest about it and you should be able to have coverage and not worry about 'if' a claim should come up.

AnswerYes, you should be able to get insurance but salvage/reconstructed cars are worth roughly 60% of the value of a comparable clean titled car so if you ever crash or total the car again you will get less money as a payout so don't pay too much for the car in the first place and check with your insurance agent about specifics. Depending on the car's cost it might be best to just put liability on it. Salvage cars can be great deals, especially if you don't pay too much and plan on driving them into the ground!

It is not complete truth. I have bought some Prior Salvage cars and was able to get full Coverage Insurance. When I was in accidents - I have got for a car as dealer price. I had Honda civic 1997 coupe. I had accident where only needed fender and headlight and a little of work. I have got $1000. Same thing happened on my Villager Van when I hit a deer.

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Can you get full coverage on a salvage title in ny?

Absolutely you can, call your local insurance agent.

Can you get full coverage insurance on a salvage title car in Louisiana?

My insurance provider, Hanover, told me that they would only write liability coverage, and not full coverage on my truck that was flooded and totaled in New Orleans.

Can you put full coverage insurance on a car with a salvage title car in Georgia?

I know of no insurance company in any U.S. sate that will give you full coverage on a salvaged vehicle.

Can you get full coverage on a vehicle in New York State if you have a salvage title?

Probably. Call Geico and see. I have gotten insurance on salvage cars I've owned.

Can you put full coverage insurance on a car with a salvage title car in Minnesota?

On every auto application, there is a question will ask: "Does the vehicle have a salvaged or branded title?" If this is the case, you will not be able to put full coverage, (comprehensive and collision coverage) on the vehicle. Sometime you can get special exceptions from your insurance carrier to get the full coverage put on if all damage was repaired. It is much harder to get full coverage on a salvaged title vehicle.

Can you insure a salvage title car?

Some companies will let you buy liability insurance. almost none will offer full coverage. A salvage title means the car has already been totalled before.

Do you have to have full coverage if the title is in your name?

do I have to have full coverage if the title is in my name

Can you insure a vehicle with a salvage title?

Yes and no. Insurance companies, as a general rule, will not provide full coverage insurance for vehicles with salvage titles they will however provide liability only insurance.

Can you get full coverage insurance on a salvage title car in Sacramento?

Yes with some companies you can. As long as repairs have been made. It could affect the amount you would get paid in event of loss though.

Can you get car ins and registration on a salvage title in South Carolina?

Yes out can. I've had quite a few. Some insurance companies won't allow you to put full coverage on it even though its been repaired. You can not register a SC title if it is red.

What states can you get full coverage insurance on cars with salvage titles and what companies will insure these cars?

Ohio Michigan

Does state farm insure salvage titles?

Yes they do as long as the car is in as good working condition as a used vehicle. I currently own a salvage title vehicle that was considered salvage through state farm. It only suffered flood damage. I purchased the car and had it fix and now they insure my car. They even let me get full coverage!

Get you get full insurance coverage on a reconstructed title?

Yes you should be able to.

Is it illegal to sell a car with a salvage title?

Nope, but full disclosure is a must! The title should be branded so the buyer will know anyway.

Does the state of Missouri require rental car to be paid for under full coverage auto insurance?

No. Rental coverage is something you buy extra. "Full coverage" just means you bought liability, comprehensive, and collision insurance.

AAA insurance do they do salvage titles?

No, unless you have another car with clear title and full covered by Aaa.

Can the owner keep a car that is totaled but is still operational?

Usually you can, you can buy it back from the insurance company for a "salvage" price, you will then have a salvaged title and wont beable to insure the vehicle with full coverage any longer only liability. Talk to the adjuster about it.

When a car has a Salvage Title can you get full insurance coverage on it in California?

I believe you can, but collision and comprehensive would be a total waste of your money on such vehicles and any responsible agent should inform you of that before agreeing to sell you the policy.So while you can, you shouldn't!

What does salvaged car mean?

A car that has been brought back from the "graveyard" (or junkyard) is commonly referred to as having a "salvage title". This means that the car was either stolen and un-recovered or (most commonly) that the insurance company deemed it uneconomical to repair and declared the vehicle a "total loss". The vehicle was later repaired. In most cases a vehicle with a "salvage title" cannot receive "full coverage" auto insurance and can never be issued a "clear title".

Do you have to carry full coverage on a rebuilt title with a lien on it?

Your lienholder will almost certainly require it.

If you totaled a car and repaired it without getting a salvage title had full covereage and totaled it again a few weeks later what should the difference between the values in the two claims be?

You must provide that salvage title in order to claim for the collision aspect of this current claim.

Private seller has title of used car that is being paid for by buyer does the buyer have to get full coverage insurance to register the car and get a tag for the car?

In my state you only need to have Liability insurance the get a title and register the vehicle. If, however you have a loan on the car the lender will require you to have full coverage.

Is full coverage insurance worth paying on a salvage car?

Usually not, collision and comprehensive only pay based on pre-accident value of the car, which for a salvage is very little if anything. You will need liability and it might be useful to have uninsured motorist.

You bought a car and the dealer didn't tell you it had a salvage title?

Did you get or see a title when you purchased the car? If the dealer knowingly sold you a salvage vehicle without full disclosure, ask for a refund or threaten legal action. It's illegal not to disclose such info. This is not the case for a private seller.

If you cancel full coverage on a financed vehicle and transfer it as a gift will the new owner be required to get full coverage on the car?

You cannot transfer the title while the lender has a lien on it and they will NOT release the lien until the loan is paid off. They will also NOT allow any names on the title that are not on the loan papers.