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Can i get full coverage on a salvage title in Missouri?


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September 12, 2011 3:33PM

If the vehicle has been repaired, inspected and approved by the Highway patrol, after resubmitting the title it will come back with ''prior salvage title'' rather than 'salvage title'. The vehicle is still worth some less than a vehicle with a 'clean' title. You could of course get a company that doesn't do it's homework to cover you, but beware not declaring this in the application for insurance is a dangerous thing. Also should a claim result this will come to light. Just be honest about it and you should be able to have coverage and not worry about 'if' a claim should come up.


Yes, you should be able to get insurance but salvage/reconstructed cars are worth roughly 60% of the value of a comparable clean titled car so if you ever crash or total the car again you will get less money as a payout so don't pay too much for the car in the first place and check with your insurance agent about specifics. Depending on the car's cost it might be best to just put liability on it. Salvage cars can be great deals, especially if you don't pay too much and plan on driving them into the ground!

It is not complete truth. I have bought some Prior Salvage cars and was able to get full Coverage Insurance. When I was in accidents - I have got for a car as dealer price. I had Honda civic 1997 coupe. I had accident where only needed fender and headlight and a little of work. I have got $1000. Same thing happened on my Villager Van when I hit a deer.