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Probably not. You may want to contact a local attorney, who can advise you based on the law where you live and your specific circumstances, but in general: once you sign the contract, you cannot get out of it; if the car is discovered to be damaged, the person who sold it to you may have to repair it, but they don't usually have to allow you to cancel the contract completely.

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Q: Can i get out of a car contract if the car was damaged?
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What is a damage waiver?

IT is part of the contract you can purchase when you rent a car. If you purchase it it means that provided you have not violated the terms of the contract (say by letting someone not on the contract drive it), if the car is somehow damaged, you will not be asked to pay for the damage. Also check that you do not have to pay any excess - if you cover both you can just walk away if the hire car is damaged.

If a dealer damages your car while in repo- do you have the right to give the car back due to breech of contract on their part?

NO, but you can get it repaired. Do you have any proof that it was the repo that damaged it?

Can you get out of contract of a new vehicle when the contract you signed is not the car?

If the car that the dealer delivers is not the car that is identified in the contract, then the DEALER is in default, not you.

Is neighbors damaged car covered by my homeowners insurance?

it depends upon how the car was damaged

How is damaged used is in a sentence?

He damaged her new car.

What is a car axle?

what are the signs of a damaged front axle and is it dangerous to drive a car with a damaged axle.

What type of contract do you need to get money for your damaged property?

Insurance contract with an insurance company Indemnity bond

How do you use damaged in a sentence?

The car was damaged beyond repair.

Your car was damaged by debris on the motorway can you make a claim?

my car was damaged by debris on the motorway can i make a claim?

Which verb is the correct one for this sentence this is the fourth time he ( damages -is damaging - has damaged -damaged ) my car?

The correct one would be HAS DAMAGED. It is because the speaker is saying after the car has been damaged.

How old do you have to be to have a car note?

A car note is a contract and you need to be 18 to enter into a contract.

If you pay every month can your vehicle still be repossessed if it is partially damaged but can't be repaired cause you haven't kept up insurance?

Read your contract. It may require you to keep ins. coverage on the car. No ins.= DEFAULT of contract= repo

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