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If the car that the dealer delivers is not the car that is identified in the contract, then the DEALER is in default, not you.

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2013-07-03 03:52:50
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Q: Can you get out of contract of a new vehicle when the contract you signed is not the car?
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Can you cancel a new car purchase if car hasn't arrived?

If you have not signed a contract to purchase the vehicle then yes you can walk away. If however you have signed a purchase agreement, then you had better ask the dealer very nicely if you can get out of the contract.

Must a loan company that bought a car dealer's contract on a vehicle honor the terms on that contract that was signed by the buyer of the car if no new contract was made between the new lien holder?

most definatly, and don't let the new company tell you otherwise.

Can you get out of a contract to purchase a new car if you have signed the documents but have not taken delivery of the vehicle?

No, once you sign the purchase agreement you are legally bound by that.

Can you cancel a new car contract?

You can cancel a new car contract, but there may be penalties or fees depending on the agreement. The specifics will be outlined in the signed contract.

Do you have to sign a new contract when financing a vehicle to make the payment higher?

Whenever terms on a contract are changed, a new contract should be signed.

Can you back out of a new car purchase?

Not if you signed the contract to purchase the vehicle, unless the dealer agrees to let you back out. If you have taken delivery of the vehicle and drove it off the lot it is now a used car and it belongs to you.

Does Oklahoma law allow you to return a new car?

Oklahoma does not allow a consumer to return a newly purchased vehicle. Once the contract is signed the car belongs to the buyer.

Can i return a new car if i haven't driven off the lot but signed the paper?

That would be up to the individual dealer. but when you sign a contract you own that vehicle. and it also depends on what paper you signed.

Can you edit a signed car contract?

Generally not. A signed contract is generally binding and requires both parties agree to terminate the contract and create a new one.

Can I return a new car in North Carolina?

Check the contract you signed when you bought the new car. It will tell you what you can and can't do and what your rights are. Typically, once you have signed that contract you can't return the car no matter what, so READ THE FINE PRINT.

Can you return a new car if the dealer made a mistake on the contract?

You can return a new car if the dealer made a mistake on the contract depending on the type of mistake. If the dealer place the wrong vehicle on the contract, you could return the vehicle.

How long do you have to return a new car?

Right up to the point where you signed the contract.

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