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Yes, it is possible to get pregnant directly after menstruation. If your cycle is especially short you may ovulate the day after your period, certainly you may be fertile during this time so could fall pregnant.

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Q: Can i get pregnant the same day you get off your period?
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Can you get pregnant from pre-ejaculate the day your off your period?


Can you get pregnant on the last day of your period and also which is pregnancy most likely to happen during your period or with a condom?

Yes you can get pregnant on your last day of your period and if the condom is on right and doesn't break or slide off it's most likely to get pregnant on your period.

Will it help you to get pregnant if you or on your period?

you need to be "off" of your period

Is it true if your period goes off early you could be pregnant?

Is it true if your period goes off early you could be pregnant?

My period came on and went off the same day?

my period came on 11/21/12 and went off 11/22/12

Can you get pregnant when you are off your period?

Yes! Ovulation (when the egg is released) occurs about 14 days after the start of your period, in a normal, 28-day cycle. This would be about a week after your period stops.

Can a woman get pregnant the day her period goes off?

Yes, you can, so it's important to always use protection unless you're trying to get pregnant. If you miss your next period, take a pregnancy test.

Is it hard to get pregnant after coming off birth control?

Hi, Your question is: Is it hard to get pregnant after coming off birth control? Once you begin ovulating again naturally after coming off the pill your fertility level will be just the same as it was before you started birth control and will not effect your fertility. Once that you come off birth control, Yes you can get pregnant because it is still very easy to become pregnant. If you take your last birth control pill that makes you have your period, and that last day that you have your period, and you have unpertected sex, YES you will conceive.

What are the chances of getting pregnant when getting off of period just that day?

People think they ovulate before their period, but truth is you never know when you ovulate. Even so, you can still get pregnant when you're ovulating. It's just as possible as any other day.

Can a girl get pregnant if she is almost off her period?


You hade sex all mouth after you went off your period and you hade your period are you pregnant?

It is impossible to get pregnant through your mouth.

Can you get pregnant if you are just getting off your period?

Yes, you can get pregnant the last days of your period. Sometimes ovulation and menstruation overlaps.

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Can I fall pregnant the day after my period?

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