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Could be either you are ovulating, are pregnant or have some kind of infection. If it is too unbearable and goes on for days, see the doctor.

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Q: Pain in the breasts
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Can an asthma attack cause pain in breasts?

No, Asthma Attacks Can Not Cause Pain In Breasts.

Where is the substernal chest pain felt?

Between the breasts

What are some of the symptoms of pain in relation to breast cancer?

There are many symptoms of pain in relation to breast cancer. Among them are sore red breasts, itchy breasts, upper back pain, changes in the nipple, swelling.

Can having large breasts cause back pain?


Heavy period sore breasts no lower pain?

Yes sore breasts are part of many women's periods.

My ribs are sore directly under my breasts. I've done nothing that could have broken or bruised them. If larger breasts can cause back pain can they cause rib pain?

I was wondering that question too. I have large breasts and have had lower back pain and rib pain. I have read on other websites that it can cause rib pain, due to posture and weak muscles from the weight of the breasts. A lot of the time they'll put you on NSAIDS which are anti-inflammatory drugs. I've heard the back pain and rib pain are mostly chronic so breast reduction surgery is really the only treatment.

Are pain in the breasts and mild cramps signs of pregnancy?

It can also be PMS.

Can shoulder and neck pain be caused by too heavy breasts?


How will you know when your period is going to start?

usually cramps abdominal pain back pain headaches sore breasts

Why do women complain of back pain?

sometimes it because of large breasts or a big butt can cause back pain

Is it a symptom of pregnancy if your breasts have a throbbing pain that comes and goes?

Hello, It can be yes. But a sharp pain is not a pregnancy symptom.

What are the reasons for breasts pain?

sometimes boob pain occurs before your period (premenstrual tenderness) sometimes in pregnancy

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