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yes, the insurance policy is different from the car title (title is government, insurance is business) in most states, if you live together, you are both required to be insured on the car.

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Q: Can i have a car and title under my name and be added to my fiance's insurance policy without the car legally becoming his?
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Can a car be on the road without insurance?

Not legally.

You heard a phone message on your fiances phone about getting life insurance you are planning to get marriedCan he take out life insurance on you without you signing and consent after getting married?

No, not legally. You as the insured would have to sign the application. That would be true even if you were going to be a "spouse" rider on a policy of his. James Medici, CLU,CLTC Charlotte, NC

May a licensed driver legally drive without auto insurance?

Not in Texas.

Can your employer cancel your health insurance without your knowledge?

Your employer cannot legally cancel your health insurance without your knowledge. If an employer chooses to cancel your health insurance he or she must notify you.

Can you take a insurance state test without working for an insurance company?

Assuming that you are talking about becoming an insurance producer, i.e., the ability to sell insurance, the answer is "yes". Contact the state insurance department website in the state in which you are located for more information about becoming licensed.

Can a son take a life insurance for his mother without her knowledge?

No, Not legally. you must get her signature on the application.

Can you get car insurance without a driver's license?

No. You cannot legally drive so they would not cover you.

Can your spouse get insurance for you without your knowledge?

not legally. You would have to sign the application, answer the medical questions, and often have a physical.

How did a man legally marry three women in Michigan without divorcing any of them becoming legally separated from them or any of them dying?

He is a justice of the peace, marrying them to other people.

Can you drive a 49cc scooter in Colorado without a drivers license?

Not legally. You need a valid driver's license and insurance.

Do you need car insurance to transfer a car into your name. i can not drive it yet so i wuld rather not pay insurance for it to just sit. can i get it into my name without insurance?

Yes. You must have the insurance before you can legally register the vehicle.

If you have a child can you move out of your parents house at 17?

Not without parental consent or becoming legally emancipated. Having a child is not an emancipating event.

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