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yes, the insurance policy is different from the car title (title is government, insurance is business) in most states, if you live together, you are both required to be insured on the car.

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No, not legally. You as the insured would have to sign the application. That would be true even if you were going to be a "spouse" rider on a policy of his. James Medici, CLU,CLTC Charlotte, NC

Your employer cannot legally cancel your health insurance without your knowledge. If an employer chooses to cancel your health insurance he or she must notify you.

Assuming that you are talking about becoming an insurance producer, i.e., the ability to sell insurance, the answer is "yes". Contact the state insurance department website in the state in which you are located for more information about becoming licensed.

No, Not legally. you must get her signature on the application.

No. You cannot legally drive so they would not cover you.

not legally. You would have to sign the application, answer the medical questions, and often have a physical.

Not legally. You need a valid driver's license and insurance.

Not without parental consent or becoming legally emancipated. Having a child is not an emancipating event.

No, not legally without a prescription. Even then, you should familiarize yourself with laws and what your insurance will cover.

Are you sure you didn't permit your insurance company to bill your account directly when you bought the insurance? This is becoming a very common thing. If you didn't, you'd have to ask how the insurance got your account information to get the funds.

Your husband cannot legally obtain life insurance on you without your knowledge. And most companies require at least a cursory physical before agreeing to insure someone.

Not without parental consent or becoming legally emancipated. Having a child is not an emancipating event.

depending on your establishment, you may not be able to trade legally without an appropriate amount of commercial insurance. Visit to find out more about different types of commercial insurance

You are probably out of luck unless you can afford a civil lawsuit. However, to do that you would need a police report and you would face consequences for driving without insurance. You should park your car until you can also afford the insurance to drive legally.

This is a state law. In Illinois and Texas I know for sure the answer is no. If you're caught, your license will be suspended. What state are you interested in?

You need to have it changed as soon as the deal is final, and all the paperwork is done. Don't drive anywhere without contacting your insurance company.

do they have plans for people without insurance.

A 17 year old can not enter into a legally binding contract. Therefore a parent or guardian must countersign the Insurance Application.

Who knows. Even if they do, you have no insurance coverage and they have wasted their money. The insurance company can not and will not pay any claims arising out of any incidents with a vehicle that does not belong to to the policyholder. Purchase your own insurance. It is a legally binding contract in which you state that you own the vehicle and that you have listed all household members and/or drivers and that you agree to notify the insurance carrier of any changes to such.

Yes, it is illegal to drive without insurance or without having sufficient insurance in Arizona. You will have 30 days to provide proof of insurance following an accident.

As the person who is being insured, YOU have to sign the forms, and no one can do it for you. There should be proof of the identity of the person signing the form. Legally, no one can take a life insurance policy on you without your consent.

A minor can not legally enter into most binding contracts As a result a parent or guardian is usually required to approve or authorize a contract by signature. So Although, Yes,, they can obtain Auto Insurance Without the parents listed as named insureds on the insurance contract, However, A parents signature will still be required on the insurance application authorizing the minor to enter into the contract.

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