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Can i strip my car before repo from title pawn?


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May 07, 2012 10:00PM

Yes, you can strip your car down before a Title Pawn repossesses it, but it would not be the proper thing to do. I am not advocating that the Pawn Shop is unfair, however, you came into agreement with the Company while you were in a hardship in need for Cash. The Pawn Shop business is one that is need in the community; particularly those individuals that a less fortunate to have cash on hand for emergencies. Here is little advice, stay in good standings with the company. Don't strip the car or devalue it. Pawn Shops generally give you the Black Book value of the car time 80%. Virtually that's if a car blue book value was $1000.00, they would offer you half the value (Black Book) times 80% or $400.00. If you sold the vehicle you would come out better and maintain a positive standing with the company.

The can not take you to court if you turn the vehicle back to them (if you reside in GA-O.C.G.A. § 44-12-137 (7)- (2011)). However if you avoid them or destroy the vehicle they have other remidedes. I hope this answered you question.