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Can i take a 2004 civic automatic and make it tectronic?

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Do they make automatic Honda Civic?

Yes they sell them with a manual or automatic transmission.

A 1996 Honda Civic automatic transmission work on a 1995 Honda Civic motor?

yes it will. Only if they have the same motor. make sure you check before you try it.--Josh

What car part are needed for a tune up on your 2004 Honda civic?

Just spark plugs, make sure they are gapped correctly .044".

How to check power steering fluid in 2004 Honda civic si.?

There is a reservoir that you check with a dipstick but make sure your engine is cool and off while you do it.

What do I do if we lost the only set of keys to our 2004 Honda Civic?

bring in the registration or title to the Honda dealer. they can look up the vin and make you a key..

How to make automatic air rifle?

If it wasn't originally designed as an automatic then it can not be converted into an automatic

Does a muffler from a 01 civic fit a 97 civic ex?

you can make it fit with a few welds, i have a 01 civic and it has a 1996 accords muffler on it

Does a 1991 civic transmission fit in a 1993 civic?

NO. It wil bolt up to the D-series motor. However, 5th gen (1992-1995) Civics have hydro transmissions, 4th gen have cable transmissions. If you're handy with fabrication and a welder, I suppose you could make an adapter to make it work. If your talking about an automatic, then the 5th gen ECU won't be kind to your CEL.

What is the difference between a civic duty and a civic responsibility?

The difference between a civic duty and a civic responsibility is in the motivation behind it. Civic responsibility is something that you take upon yourself to make a country better while civic duty is something that you must do or face a legal action.

How do you make automatic battle tank?

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Colt automatic pistol?

Yes, Colt has and continues to make automatic pistols.

How do you make my 2000 automatic Sunfire burn tire?

its a sunfire and automatic you don't

What can put in a ep3 civic to make it faster?

my dick

What would make a 2004 Chrysler Sebring automatic not go into gear?

start by checking your transmission fluid level. car has to be running transmission hot and in park on level ground to make sure you get an accurate reading

Does Honda still make the Honda Civic SI?

Does Honda still make the Honda Civic SI ? That is a good question and I would have to unfortunately answer that with a no. Year 2005 was the last year for the make of this particular car.

Is it possible to make a manual air soft pistol into a semi-automatic?

No it is not possible

Where is filler cap for 2004 ford explorer automatic transmission?

The easiest way to fill the transmission for an automatic transmission in an explorer is to pour the atf right down the pipe that you check you fluid in the transmission with. make sure you check the level frequently so that you do not over fill.

Can you Make your 97 civic from front to rear wheel drive?


Why don't they make automatic hunting guns?

What's the fun in that. Hunting is suppose to be a sport of skill. Why don't they make field goals automatic once you make a touchdown. SKILL!

Did browning make a fully automatic shotgun?


How do you make an automatic gun in minecraft?

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Does browning make a 32 caliber automatic?


Will a motor from a 1994 Honda accord stick shift fit into a 1991 Honda civic automatic?

The short answer is "Yes". However, the swap in question is not an easy one for many backyard mechanics. In order to make the swap happen you will need aftermarket motor mounts, modified axles, a modified wiring harness, a pedal swap, a new center console (to make the shifter look right,) and an upgrade from OBD0 to OBD1.Depending on the trim level of your 1991 Civic, you can swap motors from the same generation Civic (1988-1991) for not only a power increase, but a cheaper and easier swap. So if you have an LX, you could source a D16A6 engine from a Civic SI for a considerable power improvement, and all you will need is the motor and preferably the Engine Control Unit (ECU).The automatic-to-manual swap will require a set of pedals from a 1988-1991 Civic, a manual transmission for the motor you have or want to use with shift linkage, all clutch components with lines and cylinder(s), and an ECU designed for both your motor and transmission.

Why does your Honda Civic make a whining noise when backing up?

This is normal.

Can you have a trailer hitch attached to a Honda Civic?

Yes. All the major manufacturers make a hitch for the Civic, including Hidden Hitch and Curt Mfg.