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Well It depends on the play. All Shakespeare plays for example, don't have any copyright on them, so they can be used by anyone at any time. I would search up the play In question and find out if It is under any legal protection.

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Can jingle bell rock be used without violating copyright laws?


Can you make your own painting from a video game image without violating any copyright laws?

Ya, do it.

What does plagiarism have to do with copyright laws?

They both involve taking someone else's work, but while copyright infringement means you just take it, plagiarism means you take it and pass it off as your own. It is possible to plagiarize without violating copyright laws, just as it is possible to violate copyright laws without plagiarism.

How or where can you freely download the Lord of the Rings trilogy audiobooks mp3 file?

Legally you can't. They are not available without paying for them without violating copyright laws.

Where can you download the full version of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets for free?

Nowhere legally. You can buy the e-book and DVD then download them to your computer, but you won't get them for free without violating copyright laws.

Where can you watch gran turino without downloading it or buying it?

Check it out from a public library or rent it Otherwise you'd be violating copyright laws.

Is emulation legal?

If you do it without violating any copyright laws. For instance on the PS2 PCSX2 you need to get the bios from a PS2 you purchased and not download them from the internet

Where to watch Valentine's Day free online?

You would be violating copyright laws.

Are copyright laws Federal or State?

The message of U.S. copyright laws is clear: Intellectual property rights are important to our nation, its economy and its creative industries, and violating these laws is not worth it. FEDERAL

What happends if you get caught filming a movie in theatres?

You could be arrested for violating copyright laws.

Do copyright laws apply to comic book characters?

Yes , copyright laws are applied to comic book characters .

Where can you watch book of Eli movie online?

You would be violating copyright laws if you found this movie on the internet. As of January 15, 2010, "Book of Eli" is just now hitting theaters. Go see it there.

Is an author of a book protected by copyright or patent?

A book written by an author is protected by copyright laws.

Can you use a vendor's manual to train people without violating copyright laws?

You can use it as your reference, but you would need permission to make copies for each person being trained.

Where to download Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows free e-book?

It is illegal to download any of the Harry Potter books electronically. They are not available in that format and anyone distributing them is violating International Copyright Laws.

Where can you watch the lovely bones online without downloading or taking quizzes to unlock the website with good quality?

Lovely Bones is still in theaters. You'd be violating copyright laws if you found it on the internet.

Can i sell shirts with a bands logo on them?

Only if you have their express written permission to do so. Otherwise you could be violating copyright laws.

Can you publish music on YouTube without violating copyright laws?

copyright of music belongs to the sound recording company, composer and lyrics writer if the music is quite old (mozart etc) you can publish it, otherwise it is a copyright infringement to publish music on youtube without the owners permission The best way to avoid copyright infringement on YouTube is to post only content that is entirely your original work.

Where can one download the movie Sound of Music?

In order to download the Sound of Music without violating copyright laws, the movie would have to be purchased. Their are many different providers such as iTunes that will sell the movie for a price.

How to make my YouTube video available on mobile?

As far as I can tell you have to not have anything violating copyright laws or violating YouTubes TOS....if your video doesn't violate anything it should be viewable via mobile.

Why is file sharing a violation of the copyright laws?

Copyright gives the rightsholder the exclusive right to copy, alter, distribute, or perform/display the work. Anyone else doing this without their permission is violating their rights. Uploading a file is both copying and distributing, and downloading it is copying.

Where did move too?

It was moved into United States Government ownership for violating copyright laws.

Why is kick-ass the movie not on any websites?

It's still in theaters. Anyone who puts it online is violating copyright laws.

What website has free movie like new moon?

You would be violating copyright laws if you watched a recent film on a free website.

Where do you download Avatar from James Cameron?

As of January 2010, "Avatar" is still in theaters. If you found it on the internet, you would be violating copyright laws.