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That's a question that is not easily generalized. Any lay person may take a vow of chastity. Married persons may take the vow of chastity, as permanent deacons do, where if the spouse dies, they may not remarry.

The Norbertine tertiaries may be married or single. Their web page is listed below.

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Depends upon the religion. Some priests can be members of an "order" like Franciscans, some are relegated to a life of celibacy, others can be married.

No - I heard he preferred celibacy in order to keep his competitive edge

No, in 1420 Pope Martin V made Henry head of The Order of Christ, which involved a vow of celibacy. Which Henry kept, so he never married.

No, in 1420 Pope Martin V made Henry head of The Order of Christ, which involved a vow of celibacy. Which Henry kept, so he never ever married.

The vow of celibacy is practiced by Roman Catholic priests and religious brothers and sister/nun to consecrate themselves to God. They promised to be celibate in order to imitate the life Jesus the Christ.

Celibacy in the priesthood slowly evolved over the centuries. The first Apostles were mostly married men and in the early centuries married priests were the norm. About the fourth century (306 -335) celibacy was beginning to be introduced (however priests were not forbidden to marry), and most were married. In the eleventh century (1045) priests needed to be unmarried and remain celibate in order to be ordained. In the twelfth century (1013 and 1039) priestly marriages were decreed void, but at least 50% of priests were still married and remained married-their exact nature for celibacy was not known. During the 15th through 17th centuries the strictures to be celibate gain strength and slowly the priesthood transitions to an unmarried, celibate occupation. Even into the 20th century there are married catholic priests, those who convert from Anglican or Episcopal church, however, they are expected to remain celebate.

If they are ordained in their holy order and the vow of chastity in the evangelical counsel.

You observe your vows of celibacy, poverty and obedience. You obey the specific rule adopted by your particular Order.

Yes. Family members must be related by court order (for child custody or adoption) or marriage.

The short answer is "Yes". This is a matter of church law, not doctrine. The Pope on his own authority can change that law if he wished to. In fact, Pope John Paul II did that to allow married Anglican priests who have converted to be ordained as Catholic priests. It is important to note that the law could only be changed to allow men who were already married to become priests. Priests cannot marry once they have been ordained, nor can a married priest (or a deacon for that matter) remarry if his wife dies. As a matter of doctrine, the sacrament of Holy Orders imprints an "indelible character" on the soul that is automatically an impediment to marriage. This only applies to diocesan priests. Religious (members of an order) take vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience, and so can never be married. ---- The Eastern Catholic Churches, which also acknowledge the Pope as their leader, have married priests. It is only the Latin Rite in the west that follows the discipline of celibacy. In the East, however, bishops must be celibate. None of these are unchangeable rules, however.

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Diocesan priests (priests that are pastors of parishes) take a promise of celibacy. Religious priests (priests that are members of religious orders) take vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience. Some religious orders have additional vows specific to that order (e.g. the Jesuits take a vow of specific obedience to the Pope).

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yes, permanent deacons are ordained as the first order in the sacrament of Holy Orders. They can be married if married before ordination. Unlike other Christian religions, deacons are members of the clergy. Priests,who receive the 2nd Holy Order, were also ordained first as transitional deacons for a brief period.

Base class members before local members.

Nothing except face the possible anger of their Catholic family. But it might be wise to take a look at why the Protestant Reformation had to happen: the supreme authority of the pope, the adoration of Mary, the celibacy of priests, the rituals and rites which are seen as necessary for salvation.... all of which are contrary to Scripture.

you need to get a license issued by the state in order to get married but some states will alow you to be married without a license but most require it in order for the marriage to be official.

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This quote originates from the play Hamlet in which Hamlet tells Ophelia to get to a nunnery in order to live a life of celibacy and not bring sinners, like himself, into the world.

Married to Order - 1920 was released on: USA: 30 October 1920

Optional celibacy is a choice to be celibate, such as those who choose to remain celibate until marriage, etc. This is different from, say a priest, who is required by faith to be celibate. It also includes priests of denominations which do not demand celebacy (the Church of England for example) who choose to be celebate (for example the Company of Mission Priests a Vincentian Order within the Church of England).

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