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Reaction to Aceslfame PotassiumMigraines and other allergy symptoms have been experienced by others. Here are some of their stories:
  • I, too, am allergic to sulfa drugs. I have Arthritis in my upper back and neck, and the doctors have diligently been trying different non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs to treat the arthritis. I have had about 15 bouts with an allergic reaction that causes (1) redness and itching in the neck area, spreading to the entire facial area, (2) severe headaches, (3) severe swelling in the eye areas, (4) eventual flaking of the skin in the affected areas as the swelling goes down. We kept thinking these reactions were the result of the Celebrex, Viox, etc. Then I took a steroid drug to get rid of the swelling and inflammation and then I didn't take any of the NSAID drugs for two weeks. During that time the whole thing started over again, so I began to suspect something else. I realized that this problem began when I started drinking Diet Cherry Coke as opposed to regular Diet Coke. I checked the labels on the two beverages, and the only difference is that the Diet Cherry Coke contains Acesulfame Potassium. So I am going back to my doctor to see if this could be the cause. I quit drinking the Diet Cherry Cokes, and my allergic reaction is beginning to clear up, but I will have to wait and see if it comes back again.
  • A couple of weeks ago on the day before my sister's wedding I, too, had a SEVERE reaction to what I believe to be from drinking Diet Cherry Coke.

Small, circular and sometimes spotted welts developed on my hands, and then a few days later on the sides of my thighs, and them over a course of 2 hours spread over my entire body (red, itchy, inflamed protutions of flesh). I didn't know what was wrong (and neither did my doctor). I had been drinking Diet Cherry Cokes and Diet Lime Cokes) over a period of a couple of weeks, and I guess the allergen had built up over time in my system.

What was I to do!? I was the maid of honor, and had to drive 7 hours with the groomsmen to the S.C. coast!! The night before leaving my doctor gave me a steroid shot, and a prescription for a 6 days of oral steroids. I was ALSO on Benedryl, Pepcid AC (!), and using topical medication. The shot was still taking affect the next day, and my swellings and rashes continued to spread up from my legs and to my chest, back, and eventullay to my nose and around my mouth. I looked in the mirror and was a horror of horrors. During the wedding rehearsal, I was given something that FINALLY caused the swelling to subside. What eventually helped me was simple-- (ALLEGRA)! Who would have known? If anyone else has had this reaction to Diet Cherry Coke, I'd appreciate knowing what helped them.

  • Absolutely! I have been drinking diet A&W Root Beer, and diet Pepsi, both of which contain acesulfame potassium. I have been having mild sulfa allergy symptons, such as severe itching. Even though the companies claim it is not the same form that causes sulfa Allergies, it certainly causes a sulfa reaction to me! Stay away from all diet products with acesulfame potassium is you react to sulfa! Also, there is sulfa in celebrex, so if you are allergic to sulfa, stay away from Celebrex!
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Q: Can migraine-like headaches or other allergy symptoms be a reaction to Aceslfame Potassium?
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