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Can my husbands wages be garnished if I default on my student loan?

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Not if he did not cosign on the loans.

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this could happen, however, you are better off to hire a lawyer, or get legal aid.

Yes, wages can be garnished in Illinois.

In the U.S., a garnished student loan happens when a borrower becomes Default on the outstanding loans which causes a collection company to garnish the wages of the borrower. Garnishment is when an employer deducts money from an employee's paycheck and sends it to a collection company. Garnishment of Federal Student Loans has a cap of 25%.One online company that helps default borrowers get a garnishment lifted is Default Management Services, Inc. You can Google the company for the phone #.Ask for Doug.

Yes, but you can contest it to the Dept. of Ed. Ohmbudsman office if it is a financial hardship.If you need help getting out of default, or getting a garnishment lifted, then contact Default Management Services, Inc. for help. You can Google the name for a phone #. Ask for Doug, he is knowledgeable.

In the U.S., 15% of your wages is the guideline, but I have seen up to 25%.

YES No, wages can not be garnished in Tx except for the IRS, Student Loans, & Child Support.....They can however garnish a bank account if they get a judgment against you in court.

In the US, the government can garnish up to 15% of your wages for defaulted federally guaranteed student loans. You can get out of default by rehabilitating your loans in 12 months, or by consolidating your loans. If you need help with the consolidation of defaulted student loans, click on the link below.

if my wages are being garnished can they still take my income tax check?

A spouse's wages cannot be garnished for a debt that is not theirs. Wages can only be garnished up to 25 percent under federal law.

No, wage garnishment in NC is only for taxes, child support

Can wages be garnished for the balance of an auto loan in the state of Delaware

If there is a default judgment against you, you will be responsible for the charges. Your wages could be garnished if you do not pay or set up a payment arrangement.

In the event they secure a judgment against you then yes. The only way to garnish wages, aside from the federal government attaching your wages or freezing your accounts, is to have an order of garnishee. Without it, no employer will release wages for garnishment. Any who do are perhaps criminally liable. If your wages have been garnished, ask for a copy of the order.

Wages cannot be garnished for credit card debt in South Carolina. They can be garnished for unpaid taxes and child support.

Yes, your wages can be garnished wherever you work for a debt. Generally, wages are not approved to be garnished for unsecured debt.

knowing the lawpeoples wages mostly get garnished from law suites and judgments from the court systems

It is a federal law that wages can not be garnished over twenty five percent after taxes. The amount garnished can not be greater than thirty times the minimum wages. The lower amount of the two is used.

YES, in most cases. I have never heard of anyone having wages garnished to pay for a car loan (of course, I live in Texas, a debtor state, so it may differ elsewhere). Most places will just repo the vehicle.

Can my wages be garnished in the State of Florida for funds owed on a repossession if I am a single mother?

Yes. Employment income from federal wages can be garnished for taxes, fines, or judgments if lawfully executed.

According to the Ontario Wages Act, up to 50 percent of an individual's gross monthly wages can be garnished. However, employment insurance, social assistance, and pension payments cannot be garnished.

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