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YES, in most cases.

I have never heard of anyone having wages garnished to pay for a car loan (of course, I live in Texas, a debtor state, so it may differ elsewhere). Most places will just repo the vehicle.

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Q: Can your wages be garnished if you default on a car loan?
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Can your wages be garnished in the state of North Carolina for a default car loan?

No, wage garnishment in NC is only for taxes, child support

Can your wages be garnished in Texas if you are default n a car loan?

Yes it can if the loan company taKES it to court and gets a judgment against you, then by all means they can take your taxes, pay, etc.

Can wages be garnished for unpaid car loan in Texas?

Only if you've been taken to court and the garnishment of wages was ordered by a judge.

If your wages are garnished for a car loan but the car hasn't been repossessed can you keep the car?

That's the point. They want the money, not the car, so they garnished your wages to pay that loan. Keep it, drive it, enjoy it. If you want to sell that car, any money would FIRST go to pay that loan and you could keep any cash left over.

In Utah can your wages be garnished for a car that was repossessed?

You do not owe money for a car if it has been repossessed, so your wages can't be garnished for that reason.

I am being sued over a car accident that my husband was involved in. Can my wages or teacher retirement be included in a default judgment?

If there is a default judgment against you, you will be responsible for the charges. Your wages could be garnished if you do not pay or set up a payment arrangement.

Can your wages be garnished if you volunteer to turn the car in?


In Ohio can your wages be garnished for a car repossession?


Can a car lien holder garnish your wages in Florida?

If you default on a car loan the creditor may obtain a court judgment that will enable it to garnish your wages. The rules are provided at the link below.

If your car is repossessed in the state of Pa. can your wages be garnished?

READ your contract.

Can your wages be garnished in the state of Georgia to pay for a repossessed car?


If your car is repossessed in Pennsylvania can your wages and bank accounts be garnished?

check this site

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