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Yes, if they have a valid SSN# and a state I.D.

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Q: Can people get married in the US with expired US visas?
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Can an alien married to a us citizen get a drivers license?

Yes. The part about being married isn't even required; there are plenty of people in the US on student visas that get driver's licenses.

If you are married to someone with an expired visa will he be able to return to the us if he left on an expired visa?

No he must have to renew his visa by applying again.

Where can one check US illegal immigration statistics online?

A number of people enter the US without having the legal right to, or remain in the US after their visas have expired. They are known as illegal immigrants. The US illegal immigration statistics can be found at the Government Accountability Office. And Wikipedia also has some detailed information.

If i get married in US and i get green card 2years and when it's expired how can i appy to get green years 10years if my spouse break up with me?

If married and have a green card that has expired there is one thing you can do. You will have to go get another green card while still married.

Is it better for a woman who has an expired travel visa and wants to remain in the US to get married to a US citizen here in the US or in her own country of origin?

It would be better to get married in the U.S. But keep in mind it is only a suggestion.

If you are approved b1-b2 visa for US and you dont want to go right away how long you can stay in your home country before the visa is expired?

B1/B2 are visas for tourism and business visits. They will remain valid till the expiry date. Unlike some type of work visas, they will not be invalidated at any time on grounds of non-arrival.

If your fiancee has an expired k-1 visa can you keep them in US by married them?

as k1 visa,you have 90 days after arriving into the us to get married,it doesnt matter.remember after 91 days they can deny your application .be sure do into the 90 days

You and your fiance are Indian citizens temporarily in the us on valid visas you want to get married in New York or Las Vegas. Is it possible what are the legal requirements?

yes, there are no legal requirments

How long does it take when your tourist visa has expired and you're married to a US citizen?

How long does what take? You need to be a bit more specific.

What is the official immigration and naturalization service in the US?

The Official Immigration and Naturalization Service in the US is the agency that authorizes visas and American citizenship to people that want to live in America.

Can you travel with an expired Canadian passport to the US by Car?

Can you travel with an expired Canadian passport to the US by Car?

Do US citizens need visas to enter Germany?

No, just bring US Passport with you and that's it.

Can you travel abroad and back to the US if your passport has not expired but is about to?

yes because it has not expired

Can one get back to the US with an expired passport?

No he can not as the passport has expired , he could be arrested.

What do you need to cross the Mexican border into the US?

Legal entry requires a visa. There are various types of visas to include, tourist, work, and student visas etc.

If you are a UK citizen who has just married a us citizen in the us is it easier to get a visa in the UK or the us so you can be together?

UK citizens do not need visas to enter the us,however, if you are both planning to live in the us i would advice you to get married in the us and apply for a greencard after your marraige.if successful you will be given a 2 year conditional stay. you will be given a green card after your conditional stay if you are still married.i married my wife who is a us citizen but i am still in the UK completing my degree. jay.

Can non united state citizens buy cars in the US and drive it?

Yes, provided they have a valid driver's license. Many people in the US on student visas own and drive cars.

Where can one find visas for indians?

Visas for Indians can be found online with lots of information. The official Beuro of Consular Affairs of the US Department of State has relevant information.

Can a US citizen travel on a tourist visa to India to get married there and still come back on that tourist visa?

US citizens don't need visas to enter the US, so it doesn't matter what kind of Indian visa you have. The Indian visa is permission to enter India.

You enter the US legally and married a US citizen can you stay in the US waiting for your residence even if your visa expired?

You can stay legally, if you have started the process for your permanent residency and your application for change if status has been approved by the INS.

What sort of visas do you require to enter Puerto Rico?

None if you are a US citizen.

If you married a legal alien and you decide to separate what happens if his tourist visa expires?

If he is still married to you, he is as much a citizen as you are, as separation is not the same as divorce. A marriage with a US citizen counts more than a visa does, as marriages last longer and are harder to end than visas.

Can you travel with an expired US passport to the US from Costa Rica?


Can US green card holder girl marry with Indian boy who is in US on student visa?

A person on a student visa is permitted to stay in the US only for the duration of time for which the specific course is designed. There are separate visas that one should use in case of getting married to a US citizen - the fiance' visa. Green card holders cannot petition their spouses of fiance's inorder to get married.

If you come to America as a non US citizen and you married in Korea with a US citizen and you come to America to visit but your visa is expired adn you still decide to stay then can you get in troubl?

yes if you stay they will send you back