Can people sleep with their eyes open and if so how?

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with Eyes Open

Yes they can. My Great Grandma used to sleep with her eyes open

all the time. I am not for sure how she did that though.

I'm Melinda and i sleep with my eyes open. some people can sleep

with their eyes partially open whereas i sleep with my eyes fully

open and have fooled a few people into thinking i am awake. I don't

know how i do this but i do know that it is very bad and is related

to sleeping problems. Sleeping with your eyes open has long term

effects. Every night your eyes dry out which is bad, this is why we

blink to keep our eyes filled with moisture. Most people who sleep

with their eyes open cannot enter REM and tests have been done on

rats that prove without REM the rat dies shortly. You are also

prone to many eye related diseases and your eyes will itch and be

red all the time. Your eyes will also become glassy and irritated.

Sleeping with your eyes open may just be the cause of lack of

muscles in your eye area which is passed down from generations. If

you do sleep with your eyes open you need to see your eye doctor

because it is bad and they may be able to save you of some health

problems in the future.

Sleeping with your eyes open is not some trick you can learn, it

is a medical condition!

My brother sometimes sleeps with his eyes a tiny bit open at the


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