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Can people sleep with their eyes open and if so how?

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Sleeping with Eyes Open

Yes they can. My Great Grandma used to sleep with her eyes open all the time. I am not for sure how she did that though.

I'm Melinda and i sleep with my eyes open. some people can sleep with their eyes partially open whereas i sleep with my eyes fully open and have fooled a few people into thinking i am awake. I don't know how i do this but i do know that it is very bad and is related to sleeping problems. Sleeping with your eyes open has long term effects. Every night your eyes dry out which is bad, this is why we blink to keep our eyes filled with moisture. Most people who sleep with their eyes open cannot enter REM and tests have been done on rats that prove without REM the rat dies shortly. You are also prone to many eye related diseases and your eyes will itch and be red all the time. Your eyes will also become glassy and irritated. Sleeping with your eyes open may just be the cause of lack of muscles in your eye area which is passed down from generations. If you do sleep with your eyes open you need to see your eye doctor because it is bad and they may be able to save you of some health problems in the future.

Sleeping with your eyes open is not some trick you can learn, it is a medical condition!

My brother sometimes sleeps with his eyes a tiny bit open at the bottom.

2010-07-27 12:48:29
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Why do people sleep with there eyes open?

because some people have a stigmitizmem with there eyes witch makes it so they sleep with there eyes open its kinda creepy my sister and i both have this problem lmao

Do guinea pigs sleep with eyes open?

i happen to have a guinea pig and he does not sleep with his eyes open so i say no.

Which animal sleeps with eyes open?

I know that fish have no eyelids and therefore rest/sleep with their eyes open. Giraffes too sleep for only 5 minutes in a day and do so with their eyes open. Hippo will sleep with open eyes.

Do snakes sleep with its eyes open or closed?

Snakes do not have eyelids, so their eyes are always open.

Do snakes sleep with their eyes closed?

Snakes don't have eyelids that can Close, so they have to sleep with open Eyes.

Do bats sleep with their eyes open?

Yes, bats do actually sleep with their eyes open although they do have the ability to shut them. Frogs and fish also sleep with their eyes open and surprisingly so do cattle! However, as they are unconscious they are not able to see.

Do goldfish sleep with their eyes open?

goldfish sleep with their eye open their eye are open all the time. Gold fish sleep with there eyes open...But they have a clear lid that over laps there eyes in which they see out of so there eyes are closed they just have a different lid then humans. Hope that helps you:)

Do seahorses sleep with one eye open?

Seahorses don't have eyelids, so they sleep with both Eyes open.

Do toads sleep with there eyes open?

Nope! If the eyes are open they arent asleep. If your in the room they prob wont sleep with any noice whats so ever

Do guinea pigs sleep with eyes open or closed?

Apperently they sleep with them closed. acually, once my guinea pig started snoring with its eyes open, so dont be so sure.....

Do fish sleep at night?

Some fish have clear eyelids so it appears that their eyes are open when they sleep. Other fish simply leave their eyes open, but to answer your question, most fish do sleep.

Why does your geniea pig does not sleep?

Guinea pigs DO sleep. They actually sleep with their eyes open, because of natural instinct. In the wild, they had to watch for predators, so they slept with their eyes open to always be alert.

Do turtles sleep with their eyes open or closed?

Not all turtles sleep with their eyes closed. My yellow slider sleeps with its eyes closed but my Map turtle sleeps with them open so it depends on the turtle.

Do bunnies sleep with there eyes open or closed?

Bunnies sleep with there eyes open so that their eyes are adjusted to the dark when they wake up. This is a very useful evolution feature because when their eyes are adjusted so they can see other sexy bunnies in the dark.

Do fish sleep with their eyes open?

Fish don't have eyelids, so the eyes never close.

Do dwarf rabbits sleep?

dwarf rabbits do sleep sometimes they sleep with there eyes open! its so cool! but they also can sleep with them shut

Can you sleep with your eyes open?

NOOOOOOyes you can you see sometimes when soldiers were captured the enemy was so cruel he would not let them soldiers trained themselves to sleep with their eyes open

Why do whales sleep with their eyes open?

Because it has so stay alert for danger.

When you have an operation why are eyes taped closed?

So if you open you eyes in your sleep or something debris doesn't find its way in there.

Can you blink while sleeping?

noBased on my experience as a sleep nurologist, I have seen many people blink while at sleep. Due to sleep deprivation, one can even sleep unconsciouly with their eyes open... a phenamanon known the third cycle of rem sleep.Answerit depends what you mean by blink? if you mean literally blink as in start open and then close rapidly and open again? then No, but you do blink when asleep but not actually opening your eyes! its called the REM stage of sleep (Rapid Eye Movement) its even quicker than a blink (your eyes don't get to open it's so fast!)

Do sand crabs sleep?

yes they do sleep but they sleep with there eyes open so if something tries to eat them the can get away the go to sleep in a light sleep they never sleep in a deep sleep

What makes a person sleep with mouth open?

Yes, because i do so that might mean that some other people might. If you do your eyes dry out and after they dry out you have to go and get your eyes checked after a while

What does 'I can't keep my eyes open' mean?

It usually means that someone is so tired, they literally have difficulty in keeping their eyes open and want to go to sleep.

Do beavers sleep with their eyes open?

Don't think so because they are a mammal just like us.

What animals sleep with open eyes?

Snakes sleep with their eyes open because they don't have eyelids (so it's not possible to close their eyes). The shark also sleeps with it's eyes open, while still moving around. Cows do that also. Some other reptiles do that to. To summarize it, many animals sleep with their eyes open.Also, some birds and aquatic mammals have been shown to sleep with their eyes open. In all probability this is an evolved defense mechanism in response to the environment and nothing to do with the same thing in humans. Interestingly animals that sleep with one eye open actually do sleep with one half of their brain while the other half is still awake. Humans do not have this ability.See the related link for more information.Fish and Snakes, as most of them do not have eyelids.