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Many rough idle problems are the result of burned valves. At a higher speed, the engine may not seem to be running rough, but may still be misfiring. On the other hand, if a valve is only slightly burned the cylinder may actually fire. It can also be a bad sparkplug, wire or distributor cap. In any case, you'll need to find out which cylinder is misfiring. If you've encountered a misfire problem that seems difficult to track down, run a compression test and see if all cylinders are ok. If the compression is up, track down other possible problems.

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Q: Can poor voltage cause an engine to idle rough while at a stop yet otherwise run good?
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Will a vacuum leak always make your engine run rough?

No, on a fuel injected engine it can cause high idle speed.

Will a blown head gasket cause erratic idle?

I blown head gasket can cause an engine miss which one cause a rough idle.

What happens when throttle body is dirty?

It can cause a rough idle. And it will also cause the engine to die when coming to a stop at times.

Would a faulty gas cap cause rough idle check engine light on and ticking on acceleration?

A faulty gas cap could cause the check engine light to come on but it would not cause a rough idle or engine noises. Start with having your local auto parts store read the codes. The codes will help determine why the check engine light is on.

Will a bad fuel cap cause your car to run rough or die?

A bad fuel cap can make your check engine light go on. It shouldn't cause your car to run rough or die.

What would cause your engine to run rough and sound like rocks in it?

incomplete combustion of fuel

Would one year old gas cause engine to run rough?

It absolutly can. if the tank was not filled up prior to to sitting condensation will form causing water to mix with fuel. even a small amount of moisture can cause the engine to run rough.

What will happen if a rocker arm is loose?

It will cause the engine to run rough and eventually it will damage the valve and rocker.

Can a malfunctioning computer cause a car to idle rough?

Yes, and the check engine light should illuminate.

What cause a car engine to run rough?

There are a number of things that can cause an engine to run rough. Plugs may be bad. Plug wires may be bad. If you have sensors, there may be a bad sensor. You could have water in your gas. Could have a burnt valve. There is a number of different things.

Why does 95 Buick Park Avenue idle rough when brakes are applied?

Power brakes use engine vacuum to get their power. If the engine is out of tune, the loss of vacuum will cause it to run rough. Try changing the spark plugs.

What is causing the rough idle on a 2006 Chevy Impala?

There are many things that can cause a rough idle on this car. The computer could be going out, the engine may not have enough oil, and the engine may not be getting enough fuel or electricity.

93 chevey 3.1 engine runs rough idleing and the check engine lite stays on engine smooths out going what would cause that?

Have vehicle scanned to determine the problem

What would cause my 1989 Engine to suddenly lose some power and idle rough?

if you have a carborator, it may have to be adjusted

Vt commodore engine is missing and runnuing rough?

Check the engines timing to start with. Then check the engine for proper cylinder compression. Check the ignition coil and plug wires for breaks or leaking voltage.

What could cause a 2004 Ford f-150 engine to idle rough?

If the check engine light has not come on, it is most likely a vaccume leak.

Symptoms of bad camshaft position sensor?

A bad crankshaft position sensor on your Chrysler 300 will cause the engine to run very rough or not run at all. The malfunctioning sensor can cause damage to your engine, if not repaired.

Why does engine run rough when ac is on?

Your air conditioning unit is going out, Which is connected to the serpentine belt which is connected to the pulleys on your engine which could cause your car to run rough. Also you need to either have your air coditioning unit removed or replaced because it could do serious damage to your engine.

Would a bad TPS cause rough shifting on a 1994 ford escort AT w 1.9L engine?

yes it is possible

Will a bad o2 sensor cause rough ideal?

Yes it could but, it should also illuminate the check engine light.

What can cause rough idle on 1999 Tahoe?

A vacuum leak, a bad injector and if the check engine light is on, check the codes.

What would cause a 2003 ford mustang to lose power then engine runs rough now?

Pressure test the convertor.

Can a damaged oil sensor cause a car to idle and drive rough?

It's extremely unlikely. Much more likely is rough running (usually due to engine management fault) causing a lack of oil pressure. Also, keep in mind that an excessively worn engine can cause both low or erratic oil pressure and rough running, but this will usually be accompanied by a knocking noise.

What would cause a 2004 KIA Sorento 80K to run very rough with engine noise sometimes?

Check the Cats have not disintegrated.

What does a vacuum leak cause?

Rough idling and sometimes kills the motor. It could also trip the check engine light to come on.