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No, rubbing a dog's belly does not cause depression. Too much change, not enough exercise, play, can cause depression in dogs.

A great resource for information on dog depression is:

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Q: Can rubbing a dogs belly cause depression?
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UH hi I think it is 7 years. actually no clue I am 10

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How do you use rubbing in the sentence?

When rubbing a dogs ears, watch out to make sure you dont put your finger in the dogs ear.

Is the root of the yucca poisonous for dogs?

Yucca should be avoided. It can cause vomiting, diarrhea, drooling, seizures, depression.

Why do dogs like belly rubs?

When a dog rolls over and shows its belly humans think it's cute and tickle the dogs belly but the dog does it to show that he trusts you.

Why don't dogs have belly buttons?

AnswerDogs do have bellybuttons, but they aren't "innies" or "outies." Only a scar is present. The umbilical cord experiences avulsion during birth; it's not cut and tied like human babies' are.They do have belly buttons. My Boston terrier has a HUGE belly button!!!!! he doesn't have fur on his belly, where most dogs do have fur on there bellies. All dogs have belly buttons.

Do dogs fart?

Yes, dogs can have gas and can fart, often with very odorous results. Sometimes, changing a pet's diet can cause, or cure, a gassy belly and the release of gas. Have your pet checked by a vet for recommendations.

Can you make your dogs ears floppy by rubbing them?


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It can, over a long enough period of time. Breeds of dogs, for example, were created by inbreading.

Do dogs go through a depression after a false pregnancy?

Yes, some dogs can and will go through a depression after a false pregnancy. These dogs have even been known to take puppies from other dogs.

Can dogs suffer from depression?

Dogs can get depression when they're missterated or not loved. If it gets too serious the dog will run away.

Why do dogs want you to rub their belly?

The reason dogs want there belly's rubbed is because it shows them you love them and you trust and care for them. However if you don't rub your dogs belly they might think other wise like they don't love me or care for me.

Pot belly in Labrador Dogs curable or notits 3 month puppy?

Yes, the pot belly in Labrador dogs is curable for a three month puppy.

Pot belly in Labrador Dogs curable or notits 3 month puppy-?

Yes, the pot belly in Labrador dogs is curable for a 3 month puppy.

Do dogs have belly buttons?

Yes. All mammals, sans marsupials and rare egg-layers, have belly buttons. Belly buttons are simply remnants of the umbilical cords. Humans' belly buttons are pretty noticeable, but dogs' belly buttons are small scars that are usually covered in fur.

Why does a dog have a belly button?

Dogs have belly buttons as they are mammals, and developed in their mother's womb.

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yes (for dogs atleast, not sure about cats).

What do dogs look like when they have puppies?

They look like normal dogs but fat at the belly.

Do cats and dogs have belly button?


Why do dogs get a big belly?

because they eat

How young can a dog get arthritis?

Dogs can get arthritis at any age, but the cause varies. In puppies (less than one year of age), the cause tends to be infectious - bacteria get into the blood stream and then cause arthritis in multiple joints. In young dogs (older than puppies, younger than senior dogs), the cause tends to be autoimmune disease - the dog's own immune system starts attacking the tissues of the joint, resulting in arthritis. In older dogs, the cause tends to be degenerative - the cartilage and joint fluid wears out and isn't replaced, resulting in arthritis from the exposed bone ends rubbing against each other.

Do beagles like there belly rubbed?

In my opinion, all dogs like their belly rubbed. I have no idea why, but they love it.

Do dogs help depression?

Dogs help depression A LOT. Petting a dog for even a few minutes release good hormones in your brain that make you feel happy, and these hormones can help minimize, or destroy depression.

How come dogs dont have belly buttons?

Dogs do have belly buttons!

How do you know when dogs are pregnant?

Probable when they have a big belly.