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Can running on the treadmill help you loose belly fat?

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It really depends on how fast and how long you run for.

I think that it can lose fat in the belly

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Does the 'life fitness treadmill' help you be fit?

Yes, the life fitness treadmill can help you get fit by running on it until you sweat so much and that means you are burning calories and burning fat away so you loose weight.

Do I need to buy the treadmill workstation?

There are more ways to loose weight besides having a treadmill workstation . You may want to free-run out side and work on your cardio by doing sit-ups and push ups to help loose excess weight. By doing only running, you will only work specific muscles and your desired weight will not be lost.

Will you lose belly fat walking on the treadmill for fifty minutes a day?

Yes you can lose some belly fat walking on a treadmill for fifty minutes everyday, but running for 30 mins a day is way more effective for losing belly fat. Running not only contributes to the loss of belly fat, but also helps suppress your appetite as well. If you want to lose belly fat without doing crunches, then I suggest trying Cardio kickboxing like Tae bo. Walking will help lose it if you don't mind the fat coming off slowly. If you want to lose belly fat fast, running or kickboxing are both very effective cardio workouts that really strengthen your core and help you lose weight all over.

Can jogging help you to lose belly fat?

It surely does!It makes you loose fat allover.

Can I use a treadmill with bad soles of my shoes?

Yes, you would still be able to use a treadmill. A treadmill is designed to help people experience the sensation of running as they work out. Some people run barefoot, so even if you have bad soles, you could still run.

Will a treadmill help you with your abs?

A treadmill will help you improve your cardiovascular fitness and your general muscular tone, but is not designed to help you specifically with your abs.

How can you loose belly fat fast just by working out?

It was all in the spelling! Loose verses lose. Sorry I couldn't help myself, grammar is terrible around here ;).

Why I'm not losing weight after i strated exersicing is the muscle?

Are you running enough? If not, I recommend you start running, that will help you loose weight.

Does coconut oil really help you loose belly fat and prevent wrinkles?

Many people believe that coconut oil does help you lose belly fat and prevents wrinkles due to its low calories and moisturizing properties.

Will jogging on a treadmill lose a pot belly?

any increase in exercise will help burn calories. If you continue to increase every time your workout becomes "easy" you will get rid of the belly... remember muscle burns more calories than fat...

Will running 30 minutes 5 times a week lose belly and lower belly fat and help tone abs when eating 1500 calories a day?

Yes,running 30 minutes 5 times a week loses belly and lowers belly fat and helps to tone abs when eating 1500 calories a day.

Does playing basketball help you loose belly fat?

Well yeah all types of excercise can help but i would also lay of fat foods tubby

What are exercises that can be done to help someone lose weight?

One main exercise that can help people lose weight is to run on a treadmill. Running for a long period of time can really help you get to the shape you would want to be at.

Can walking help loose belly fat?

Any type of exercise can help the reduction of fat, including belly fat. Expending more calories than you take in through food is how to reduce fat, and exercise helps increase caloric expenditure.

Can treadmill help you slim down your thighs?

Yes, going on treadmill for 30 minutes each day will guaranteed help you, i know this because when i did treadmill for 30 minutes i have noticed a huge chance. Give it a try!

Will running reduce belly fat?

Running can help to reduce body fat all over as well as on the stomach. For more information about cardio exercise and belly fat, see the page link, further down this page, listed under Related Questions.

What energy does treadmill convert into?

It contains a dynamo with which treadmill converts kinetic energy to electric energy. Also, kinetic energy is the result of running of humans on the machine and gaining of energy and then converting into electric energy which at least can help in lighting outdoor lights etc.

Can a 20 minute exercise routine be enough to keep me fit?

Yes, a 20 minute workout three times per week will help you loose weight and stay in shape. It may take longer to loose but you will anyway. Treadmill and the stepper are recommended.

How does running in a treadmill help you?

Running in a treadmill is basically giving you the same effect as running in ground gives you. It is very helpful for weight loss and getting in a better physical condition. Treadmills are practical also for the fact that you can run and simultaneously watch television and you can practice it during winter time. Many people, like me prefer treadmills over regular running, since you can easily regulate your workouts to follow different intensity or constant speed.

Can a treadmill help you to burn stomach fat?

Yes, if done correctly, running, jogging, or walking on a treadmill can burn body fat including stomach fat. For more information, see the page link, further down this page, listed under Related Questions.

Does sea salt help burn belly fat?

I don't believe ingesting salt will help you lose weight/trim your belly fat. In fact, I think if you have too much salt in your diet, your cholesterol is going to go through the roof, and cause a whole host of heart/artery and other problems. It may be more healthy than regular table salt, which is mainly Sodium Chloride (NaCl). However, taking extra salt to try and loose weight, does NOT seem like a healthy option. The best way to lose belly fat....sit-ups, crunches, and RUNNING. Running is the best way to burn fat, and while your running, make sure to stand upright, so you force your abdominal muscles (your abs/your belly) to work and burn the fat.

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