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Can running water carry sperm?

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βˆ™ 2006-07-31 04:33:32

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If the REAL question is whether a girl can be impregnated by sperm that were swimming around in a bath tub, the answer is no. The viability of sperm in bath water is poor to non-existent. The chances that even a single spermatozoon lived in the bath water for any length of time and manged to find its way onto the playing field, let alone the end zone, is nil.

2006-07-31 04:33:32
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Q: Can running water carry sperm?
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Can you get pregnant by sticking your place under running water?

Not unless it's running with sperm!

Can water from a shower move sperm on your stomach and carry it to the vagina and impregnate you?

No. The water would kill the sperm before it got anywhere near to impregnating you.

Why do land animals fertilise internally?

There is no external water source to carry the sperm

In most seeds fertilization does not require?

a film of water to carry the sperm to the egg

Does sperm carry HIV?

Sperm itself does not carry HIV. What carries HIV is the semial fluid which carries sperm.

Is a bird single celled?

sperm sperm sperm sperm sperm water water water water porno shower

Function of sperm duct?

the function of the sperm duct is to carry the sperm from the testes

When running water or wind carry away rock fragments?

The rock cycle.

What tubes carry sperm?

vas deferens carries sperm

How many sperm carry a y chromosome?

Half of the sperm cells produced by meiosis carry a Y chromosome.

What does a sperm tube do?

it carries sperm from the testes to the uretha which will then carry it out the penis.

Do you say when you were running or while you were running?

They mean different things. "When" = "at the time that." "While" = "during the time that." Did you lose weight when you were running every day? You must carry water with you when you are running long distances. I have a chance to enjoy the scenery along the trail while I am running on the hiking path. It is hard to carry on a conversation while you are running.

Does ureter carry sperm?


What chromosomes does sperm carry?


What is the probability that a human sperm cell will carry an X chromosomes What is the probability that a human sperm cell will carry an X chromosomes?


Do old men sperm carry worms?

No, old men do not have worms in their sperm. Sperm will be healthy even when a person is not.

Can one mans sperm carry anothers man sperm inside a womans body?


Can sperms reproduce?

Sperm does reproduce. If you had sex more than once, you have have the chance of running out of sperm, this is why sperm reproduces.

Do rats carry rabbies?

sperm is awesome

What is a sperm cell main function?

sperm main function is to carry the male genes to the egg

How does faster running water affect erosion?

The water moving fast will spread the land. The water will carry away all of the minerals so it becomes deeper and wider.

This occurs when running water sea waves wind or glaciers pick up and carry away materials?

the answer is erosion

What are the similarities between a red blood cell and sperm cell?

A red blood cell and sperm cell are similar in that they both carry something to their destinations, for example, red blood cells carry oxygen around the body while sperm cells carry genetic information into the egg.

Can sperm be tasted if in water?

Depends on the sperm.

If an x and y sperm enter the same egg what happens?

a sperm will carry an X & Y chromosome