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Sea urchins are ocean creatures, and do not survive in fresh water. Sea urchins can only thrive in a seawater environment.

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Can sea urchins live outside of water?

No, or they wouldn't be called *sea* urchins.

Do sea urchins die if they are not in the water?

yes they will. Sea Urchins need water to live, just like other sea creatures.

Do sea urchins live in Connecticut?

No. Sea urchins live in the sea.

How long can sea urchins live out of water?

What is the time limit of sea urchins out of water before they die like 2 min

Can you raise sea urchins in your salt water aquarium?

You can raise a sea urchin in a salt-water aquarium. There are no fresh water sea urchins so you would need a salt-water aquarium to properly care for the urchin.

How many sea urchins are in a square yard?

there are none because sea urchins live in water and not on land unless they are dead

How deep in the sea do sea urchins live?

How deep do sea urchins live

What temperature do sea urchins live in?

Sea urchins prefer temperatures at 82 degrees. They can live in salt water temperatures from 72 to 86 degrees though.

Where do sea urchins live?

Sea urchins live in the sea, rock pools, kelp forests, and coral reefs

Do oysters live in fresh water?

No oysters do not live in fresh water. They live in salt water (the sea).

Could seahorses live in fresh water?

No they cannot live in fresh water. They can live in sea water.

What lives with Sea Urchins?

its a live sea animal its a live sea animal its a live sea animal its a live sea animal its a live sea animal

Do sea angels live in fresh water?

No, sea angles live in salt water.

Do barnacles live in fresh water?

No, they only live in sea water.

What is the sea urchins habitat?

Sea urchins live any where the waters salty mainly in the pacific ocean.

Were do diatoms live?

Diatoms live in water , both fresh water and sea water .

Do alligators live in fresh water?

Most species do live in fresh water, a few live in brackish water, but some types of alligator do live in sea water.

Does a dolphin live in fresh or salt water?

they can live in both salty and fresh water for example dolphin live in Red sea

Where do purple sea urchins live in nature?

Purple sea urchins live in close association with kelp forests. Kelp is their primary food.

Can sea turtles live in a fresh water fish tank?

...........how can a fish tank have fresh water?????

Do more fish live in salt water or fresh water?

more fish live in the sea water because how much sea water there is

Why can't sea anemones live in fresh water?

beacaus if they live in fresh water they will die they must live in their inviroment like all animals now can a dog live in water no see that's why it cant live in fresh water

How do sea urchins survive?

When the tide comes up and the rockpools in which Sea Urchins live the began to eat small organisms, once the water goes back down (low tide) the hold in water to keep themselves hydrated.

Do sea urchins live in groups?

It depends on the species of sea urchin

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