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You can be arrest, yes. Would you be? Doubtful. Very stupid thing to do in any case.

Thanks for the reply. What I REALLY meant is... if you DID hide a car that was going to be repossessed, then came to your senses and gave the car up, is there still a possiblity of being arrested for hiding the car in the first place? Thanks...

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Q: Can someone be arrested for hiding a vehicle even after the vehicle is recovered?
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Can you be arrested for vehicle embezzlement if you are knowingly hiding a vehicle from a repossession agency in the state of Arizona?


In Georgia can you be arrested for hiding your vehicle from the repo man?

I feel sure that the state will not get the collection field

Can someone be arrested in Oregon for hiding a car that is due to be repossessed?

Only if the lender pushes the issue and its not very likely.

Can a finance company threaten to have you arrested if the car is not returned?

If you are hiding the vehicle or continuing to use a vehicle that is no longer yours, you can be arrested for theft or fraud. Most lending institutions just repo the car, but if they have reason to believe that you're keeping their property from you they can go after you in criminal court.

Can you be arrested in ga for hiding a car from the repo man?

Yes, you can be arrested for theft.

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Is there somewhere to report someone who is hiding a vehicle from being repossessed?

Sometimes its easy and sometimes not. Dont go out of your way to do it. It will get found.

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Can you be arrested in the state of Connecticut for vehicle embezzlement if you're knowingly hiding a vehicle from repossession?

Its really a moot point because you are NOT hiding a car from the repoman. YOU wouldn't do that. And the lowly repoman CANT file the charges anyway. S/he doesnt have that authority to act on behalf of the lender. The lender wouldn't waste anymore money on the clunky car you alledgedly are hiding. IF they could put you in jail, how would you ever pay the money you owe?????

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Can you go to jail for hiding your finaced vehicle?

No, not unless there is a court order for you to release the vehicle.

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In Oklahoma can you be arrested for hiding your automobile from a repo man?

Yes it is considered as grand theft auto

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Can you still get insurance and registration if your hiding from a loan company on a vehicle?

If you have defaulted on your loan and not returned the vehicle, then you have basically committed a theft.

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In the state of Georgia how long does a repo search for a vehicle that someone is hiding and do the finance company ever write it off as a charge off if it is not found?

They can stop the vehicle from being licensed. They can declare that the vehicle is being held fraudulently and if you drive it you could be arrested. You signed an agreement and gave your promise to pay for the vehicle when you took out the loan. Is your promise worth anything? If you don't pay this loan you will probably have difficulty getting any future loans. You might be better off just contacting the lending institution and finding a way to pay off the loan, then the vehicle is yours and you don't need to look over your shoulder for the repo man.

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